Turning Thirty One!

Thirty One! I am turning thirty one!

Where did all the time go? Really? But hey, thirty is the new twenty, y’all!

I am sure there are many of us think that maybe our life should become a movie, cuz of all the ups and downs and in betweens, all the drama and the madness (and there’s been plenty in mine)! But sometimes I think our own stories may be a wee bit far fetched even for fiction. Life eh?

But as I turn a year older, and wiser, and smarter and cooler and awesomer and fantabulouser, I thought why not dedicate a post all to meeeee! ME! In case you didn’t get the drift yet, this post is all about me and you may want to escape right away! Or maybe my awesomeness will rub off on you and you ll be awesome too? And yes, ‘modesty’ is my middle name!

Turning Thirty One: Where am I today?

The short answer – Doha. Happy. Settled. Blessed.

Celebrating My fourth or fifth! 🙂

So! What would I say my biggest achievement to date is? My life – all of it really! Family comes first – my son, my husband and myself! My parents and my siblings! Friends who have become family! All the wonderful people who have added their own flavors to the curry called Dil’s Life!

Have I achieved everything I hoped I would by the time I am thirty? I am leaning towards yes! Blessed indeed!  Tons of life experiences (good, bad and ugly, and nightmare), tonnes of madness! You know I am not someone who regrets things. If I think I will regret something, I don’t do it. But if I did it anyway, then I just chalk it up to life experiences and move on. No point crying over spilt milk and all that!

Turning Thirty One: Taking Stock

From a personal standpoint – I do quite like who I am! Calm, composed, who am I kidding? HA! But I do have my feet planted firmly on the ground, head in the cloud sometimes, but that is okay. I am fairly rational, and love to use logic. Patient (or probably not), responsible, and a ton of other good qualities I would like to pass on to my son someday!

Possibly my 10th!

In terms of people around me, I did do well in the husband department. Ofcourse there are times I want to kill him, but lucky for him, it is not too often!  Maybe I thought I’d be done with the babies by now. Two was the plan when I was 20. Now I am not too sure. It is a maybe, maybe not! And friends – we go through life making tonnes of friends along the way, and somewhere after thirty – it comes down to a handful or two handsful of people you know you can call at anytime! And I am truly lucky to have these loonies in my life!

A career I think I am good at! Respect I have earned through hard work and determination! Very proud of that too! In a field that I have always wanted to be part of. Well almost. Well, okay, I sold my soul to the devil, and am in PR rather than journalism. But close enough. It is my birthday. I decide it is close enough means it is!

What will thirty one bring?
From the 21st birthday!

Well, I hope it brings more awesomeness! Ofcourse I wish it does, for me and all the wonderful people in my life!

And finally! 31! 🙂
Thank you and LET’s PARTY!! 😀


  1. What a refreshingly positive way to look at ageing. We can’t be 21 forever so it’s best to make the most of things regardless of what your age is!

  2. Allhumdulliah….that’s a beautiful way of putting thirthy one….Wishing you many more happy and beautiful moments to celebrate….Allah SWT bless you and guide you in every way….

  3. Hope you had a wonderful day, loved seeing your personal pictures – they’re such precious memories. InshaAllah 31 will be amazing for you – looking forward to hearing more about your book!

  4. I love this post, so positive and fun. I pray that you have a blessed 31 and many more years to come. Can’t wait to see what awesomeness you blog in this year!

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