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    The Importance of Breastfeeding Awareness & Education

    Breastfeeding is natural, and more importantly, it provides vital nutrition and nourishment for a newborn. But what many people forget is that it is also extremely difficult and that breastfeeding mothers need all the support they can get. From a lack of education and support to absence of well-equipped nursing rooms and constant judgement from everyone (including their cats) – breastfeeding moms face quite a few hurdles! And as such, we need to place extra emphasis on the importance of breastfeeding awareness & Education. For Nivedita Emmanuel (name changed) who works at Cochin Info Park, having a son who is a year and eight months old, guilt is still a constant companion…

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    Bub’s Diary – India Bound..

    Dear Diary, Wooohooo. It was time for another trip. And this time it is to the country which my parents call the motherland – India. I have only heard people talk about it, so I was very excited to go! And obviously, knowing my mom and dad, I knew for sure it would be a super packed schedule. And ofcourse, momma books tickets for Thursday night, which means there is just no time to breathe or relax after nursery, and we have to pack up and leave in a rush rush rush. I never understood why my folks travel like they are moving countries? And they blame me! They are…

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    Fathers Don’t Babysit, they parent!

    You know what pisses me off? When people suggest that a woman becomes a mother from the moment the fetus is inside her, but a father becomes a father only after the birth of the child!  It absolutely infuriates me! I don’t usually comment on current affairs in my blog, but this one issue is one I cannot keep quiet on. Maneka Gandhi, Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development has said that paternity leave is not required, because men will only use it as a holiday! It makes me immensely angry. Because I have always believed and vehemently advocated for equality in parenting. Both father and mother…