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The purpose of my blog has been to share my journey as a parent, and to celebrate motherhood! Not just me, but mommies all around me as well! And with that in mind, I am starting a new section called MOMTASTIC ?!  I will be interviewing inspirational mommas who are wearing multiple hats, and managing it all with panache!

The chosen one for October is Diala Itani Taylor. Mom of Soleil, who is 20 months old, and 1 month old Liliana. She is originally from Lebanon and has been calling Doha her home for the past year and a half. Her need to find chemical-free products for her first-born led her to become an entrepreneur and there has been no looking back since!


Diala Itani Taylor

Explain yourself in about 10 words

Strong-willed, organized, loving, talkative, ambitious, stubborn, family-oriented, friendly, a mother, content. 

Tell us about your your business.

With ‘Lily’s Handmade Naturals’, I hand-make bath and skincare products suitable for the whole family. For example, body wash, detox bath salt, foam soap, body oil and powder. All the ingredients I use are chemical-free, vegan and eco-friendly and I use pure Essential Oils to add scents to my products, keeping in mind their healing & medicinal properties. Till now, there are 6 products but I’m already in the process of experimenting with new recipes like hand sanitizer, baby wipes, mouthwash and bug spray. I’m also working on products for men and just recently started selling essential oils in their pure form.

Why did you launch this as a business? Tell us about your journey so far.

It all started when I had my daughter Soleil. I stumbled across an article that talked about the negative effects all the chemicals found in baby products can have on our children. The facts that I discovered stunned me and I decided to dig deeper. I did a lot of research which led me to the idea of making my own products that are chemical-free. From there, I researched and tested several recipes until 1 year later I perfected them and decided to help other moms by selling my products. Now I am working on expanding the range to suit everyone in Qatar. 

What makes your business unique? 

Lily’s Handmade Naturals is the first of its kind in Doha ! I personally believe that there is a gap in the market for natural products at an affordable price.

How do you juggle motherhood and your work?

I have to admit, I have a great support system at home and both my daughters are pleasant and easy children. My husband is a very hands-on dad and he is the one that pushed me to pursue my passion… Also, I am lucky to be a stay at home mom so I am able to work whenever I have a bit of extra time in between my mama duties 🙂 

What is the best part about your work? What were the challenges involved?

Knowing that I have made something that is natural and good for my baby and knowing that I can help others to experience how amazing these products are compared to chemical products.

The challenges were finding and shipping the raw ingredients and packaging, testing & producing the best products while being pregnant with a toddler running around. 

Any advice for momtrepreneurs?

Never give up no matter how hard it seems to reach your goal because having children is in itself the hardest challenge and you already achieved that successfully ! Don’t let mom-guilt get to you. If you do something for yourself, you are actually working towards being a better mother to your children. Smile and stay positive!

What is the one most important parenting rule you live by?

Love ! All you need is love… 


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