Funnies!,  Mommy

Momisms :)

You know you are a new mom…
  • When farts/burps are the most loved sounds..
  • When you can smell butts in public without batting an eyelash..
  • When you can discuss poo as if it were the most serious topic ever..
  • When Dr Google becomes your best friend and worst enemy..
  • When you can finish your bath and other bathroom business in 5mins or less..
  • When there is laundry to do all the time..
  • When a night out on the town is a quiet dinner in a baby friendly place..
  • When brushing your hair and putting on a dab of lippy is the ultimate dress up..
  • When every dress you own is chosen on the basis of access..
  • When your closet stops being the most crowded..
  • When all trips to the mall end up with shopping in the baby section..
  • When loud peppy music in your car gets replaced by mellow music or white noise..
  • When your mobile storage is always full..
  • When finishing half your meal at one go or wolfing it all down in 30sec is considered a success..
  • When you get a pacifier/toy instead of a tube of lipstick from your hand bag..
  • When three hours of uninterrupted sleep feels like you ve slept for half your life..
  • When a little person becomes the center of your universe..
  • When being a tiny being’s slave is the best thing ever

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