• New Born,  Product Review

    Product Review – Aerosleep AeroMoov Air Layer – From JustKidding

    Hot weather is part and parcel of living in GCC. And I have found that the most problem area when we have a baby is keeping him cool in the car seat. While we bought our car before he was born, we ensured that there were ACs at the back. And even then, it just seems like every time we take him out of the car seat, his back is drenched in sweat! And there just seemed o way out. I kept hunting for something that will help, and the answer was found at the newly opened JustKidding store, at the Gate Mall in West Bay. It is also available…

  • New Born,  Product Review

    Product Review – Nose Frida

    The Nose-Frida is beyond incredible. I mean, I would sell my soul for this product. Okay, maybe not that much. But this really is an amazing tool to have. We had a normal bulb nasal aspirator and that was not doing anything to get the gunk out of my wee one’s nose. But with the Nose Frida, we were able to clear his nose easily. It is a bit yucky if you think about it, since you are literally sucking the snot out using your mouth. But there is a filter, so you, the parents are safe. It is very easy to use, one end goes at the baby’s nostril,…