Pediatricians in Doha..

Every family needs a good pediatrician! One that they can trust, and count on. One that both the parents and the wee ones are comfortable with. And initially, I was under the impression that there was only one or two recommended doctors. But I am glad I was wrong! Here are some of the more… Continue reading Pediatricians in Doha..

Product Review – Aerosleep AeroMoov Air Layer – From JustKidding

Hot weather is part and parcel of living in GCC. And I have found that the most problem area when we have a baby is keeping him cool in the car seat. While we bought our car before he was born, we ensured that there were ACs at the back. And even then, it just… Continue reading Product Review – Aerosleep AeroMoov Air Layer – From JustKidding

Fathers Don’t Babysit, they parent!

You know what pisses me off? When people suggest that a woman becomes a mother from the moment the fetus is inside her, but a father becomes a father only after the birth of the child!  It absolutely infuriates me! I don’t usually comment on current affairs in my blog, but this one issue is… Continue reading Fathers Don’t Babysit, they parent!

Bub’s Diary – Six Months!

It’s been six months.. Of holding momma and dada close.. Being covered by kisses and cuddles.. A time of love, laugher and blessings.. It’s been six months.. Of being taken care of by my faves.. Mommy gives milky and dada changes me.. What an amazing team we make! It’s been six months.. Of living in this… Continue reading Bub’s Diary – Six Months!

Bub’s Diary – Trips and Travels..

Dear Diary, Even before I turned five month old, I had been to four countries: Qatar, where I was born, Bahrain, my mommy’s home, and UK to visit aunts and uncles! And yes I saw the Abu Dhabi airport too! Pretty cool eh! I think I love this whole travelling business, because I go with… Continue reading Bub’s Diary – Trips and Travels..

Travelling with an Infant..

My almost six-month old is a seasoned traveller; he’s been on more flights so far than many adults across the world. And well, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected it to be, Alhamdulillah. Here was my experience travelling with an infant. Our first trip was when he was just barely 2months old, off… Continue reading Travelling with an Infant..

Handling the Unsolicited Advices..

“Why are you giving the baby only breastmilk and no formula?” “Why is the baby sleeping so much?” “Why is the baby pooping so much?” “Why is the baby not wearing enough layers, maybe he’s cold? Add layers.” “Why is the baby wearing so many layers, he’s probably hot! Remove layers This is just the… Continue reading Handling the Unsolicited Advices..

Cold and Flu!

It really is heartbreaking when bubba gets a phlegmy nose, and cough and not being able to help him much. Babies fall ill very easily because their immune systems are as yet immature, and still in the developing stages. But infant cold and flu is really upsetting! It definitely is! In the last six months,… Continue reading Cold and Flu!

The Mental Miracle called Motherhood!

Last night was a good night; in fact it was a great night! And by great, I mean we only had to wake up about 4 times for feeds, and that was that. No crying, no fussiness, and back to sleep. And yes, that is what I call a good night these days. Because it… Continue reading The Mental Miracle called Motherhood!

Bub’s Diary – First Days

Dear Diary, Today was a tough day. I could not sleep very well last night, and my momma and dada could not sleep well either. And in the morning, after my milky, I dirtied the sheets so momma and dada were late to office as well. I feel bad but what can I do? To… Continue reading Bub’s Diary – First Days