Screen Time – Our Top Picks

As we all know, no screen time at all is the ideal for little ones. But also as most families know, this is a bit impossible these days unless you throw your TV out the window and keep your mobiles, tablets and computers on lock down. But the telly isn’t really as evil as it… Continue reading Screen Time – Our Top Picks

Starting Solids 101

Starting solids and getting baby to eat solids is a maddening journey for most! It is nerve-wracking because you have no idea if the baby will accept the food, if the food is providing the maximum nutrition and more importantly, would there be any reactions and what to do! In this post, I try to… Continue reading Starting Solids 101

Parks in Doha

One of the best things about living in Doha is the fact that there are a number of places where the family can hang out! And I don’t mean the malls and indoor play areas, but actual outdoor spaces! If you can find a way to beat the heat, you can definitely have a gala… Continue reading Parks in Doha

Abilities of A Mommy

Far too many times, I have heard of new moms being undermined! Their thoughts being questioned and their parenting ways tossed aside. I don’t understand how anyone can doubt the abilities of a mommy or daddy, for that matter. If you are a first time mother, then everyone and their aunty have pearls of wisdom… Continue reading Abilities of A Mommy

Celebrating the First Birthday

It is incredible how fast time has flown by! But what an amazingly blessed year it has been! So many hugs, kisses and cuddles – and so much growing up, not just for my baby boy, but for the husband and myself as well. And the time had come to celebrate! WE ARE ONE! My… Continue reading Celebrating the First Birthday

How I am Rocking Motherhood!

In the hustle bustle of everyday life, it can be very easy to forget to appreciate yourself! To remind yourself that you are doing a good job – as a mom, as a parent! And that is why I love this idea of the Rocking Motherhood Tag. Thank you to the wonderful mommy Tina Wilson… Continue reading How I am Rocking Motherhood!

The Baby vs Solids! Guess who is winning?

The struggle is real. Baby vs Solids is war! Having a fussy eater is really difficult. Here are five points that crossed my mind in the war called “solids”! And in case you were wondering, the baby is winning this battle, but I will win the war *cue evil laughter – followed by frustrated tears… Continue reading The Baby vs Solids! Guess who is winning?

52 Reasons We Will Celebrate You, My Son

And just like that, we finish a year today! And I thought why not dedicate a post to you, my darling boy! Here are 52 reasons why we will celebrate you forever and after! 52 reasons for 52 weeks 1. You were so teeny tiny! Even the newborn clothes would not fit, you would float… Continue reading 52 Reasons We Will Celebrate You, My Son

The Eldertree Nursery – A Safe Haven

If you follow my blog, you know that A. I never had any doubt about going back to work, and B. that I was not keen on having a nanny, and a nursery was more preferred by both the husband and myself. And since we are in my boy’s birthday month, I think it is… Continue reading The Eldertree Nursery – A Safe Haven

Babies & The Need for Sensory Play

We all know that it is important to allow our babies to explore, and learn, and grow. It is important to start interacting with and engaging with babies right from the day they are born. Or even before that. Let’s talk about babies & the need for sensory play. Once they are born, we can… Continue reading Babies & The Need for Sensory Play