An Ode to My Breast Pump..

And just like that, my pumping journey has come to a close. I sold off my breast pump last week, and I think that made it real. It is funny, but I felt emotional giving it away.

The only thing I asked was that she use it well, and stay committed in her journey to breastfeed.

Pumping! Sigh. Yay I don’t have to do it anymore, but yeah, closing a chapter is always bittersweet.

This is my tribute! (Am I loony or what?).

An Ode to My Breast Pump

All those long nights I stayed awake,
Your buzzing my only company when everyone slept.
Giving me reason and strength
To continue to nourish my child on my terms…

A decision I made when my boy was born…
To give him the best nutrition I possibly could…
Not a judgement on others who choose differently
But an option for me and a choice I wanted for us…

My breast pump became my best friend those days!
Or maybe I should call it my ‘breastfriend’ Ha!
We’d meet few times a day, and even at night…
Sometimes in quiet and peace, and sometimes in chaos…

For almost a year and half, you were my companion…
Keeping me committed to my breastfeeding goals.
Spurring me on, and sometimes upsetting me…
Inspiring me, and helping me inspire other moms too…

Sometimes lots of liquid gold, sometimes barely an ounce…
From being ecstatic to feeling defeated…
It has been a rollercoaster of emotions…
To provide sustenance for my little one for another day..

I wish I could say it was easy, it was not!
Pumping, sitting attached to a machine for hours…
But secretly it was also satisfying and relaxing…
And it became my “me time” in an otherwise busy day…

Forever indebted to this little piece of technology…
For allowing me to chase my professional dreams…
Without giving up on my parenting and feeding goals…
Helping me breastfeed my child without compromise…

And finally now the time has come, and I have to let you go.
As absurd as it sounds, I feel like I am saying bye to a friend!
So, thank you for all that you’ve been to my bubba and me!
Let this be an ode to our bittersweet journey!

For the record, although I am pro-breastfeeding, I am not anti-formula. I just agree with science that breastmilk is best for baby, and mom should try to give that as much as she can – if that is what she would like to do, and should be given the correct information and support to achieve her own feeding goals.

For me, pumping was what I wanted to do. And I did it well past the 1year cut off mark. It has definitely been a growth curve – from knowing zilch to being able to help others now. It has been tough! What with having to pump up to eight times on some days! But I am extremely proud of how far I have come! And super thrilled it is done!

Is it worth it?

To all you moms who are wondering if its worth it? It absolutely 100% is. It is not easy, and some days will be depressing. But it is possible! Do drop a line if you need any tips or help!

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  • Henna manl

    Hey , I would like to know if I can find any post partum care ladies like the one you had . I tried contacting NK aunty she seems out of country . Kindly let me know

    • Aunty is back.
      Are u still looking?

  • My first was breastfed for 2 weeks, my 2nd…. I pumped mostly…. only breastfed at night (laziness) I find pumping gives us more freedom… (bad mummy I know) lol but I much preferred seeing exactly how much my daughter was drinking &I must say, you’re right 100% worth it!

    • Whoaa!!
      I have massive respect for those who pump more..
      It really is not the easier option!

  • In life sometimes we take simple things as granted….you have written awesomely about breast pump….really it is something we need to cherish….lovely post….

  • Salma Mehajabeen

    Such a bonding we have when we become a mom

  • Salam. Thank you for sharing this, reminded me of Keates ;).

  • oh I can so relate to this – there is something so lovely about breastfeeding – and yes the breastpump comes in handy at the beginning for me, but later I just got so tired of being alone with it!

    • tell me about it.
      It is a real love-hate relationship!

  • Ugh! Pumping is just not fun. I breastfeed but wanted my son to get bottles from his father occasionally to help with their bond. Pumping is so time consuming though, I definitely don’t do it as much as I thought I would.

    • Very time consuming indeed!
      But good on you for doing whatever you could <3

  • What a great ode! I completely agree with your words! The breast pump was an almost integral part of me, as I continued to use it while I went back to work!

    • Thank you momma!
      I knew pumping moms would resonate with this!

  • Haha! An entire poem dedicated to the breast pump! Perfect. I have to share this.

    • hahahhahaha 😀
      I know right!

  • Being a Nutritionist I recommend mothers milk is always best for baby…this article is really helpful for new mommies !!

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