An Ode To Mommy Support Groups..

There I was, terrified.
A first time mom, confused and worried.
Tons of questions and doubts,
And no where to go.

And then I found the perfect place,
To ask my queries and clear my fears,
Where I received not just answers
But immense respect and encouragement too..

So many different names and cultures..
But together for a common purpose..14370310_1850024148559676_761371439036460220_n.jpg
Mommies from all over, here, there and everywhere..
Giving a helping hand, an ear, and a shoulder to lean on..

There was no topic too taboo,
For there was no shame or judgment..
From breastfeeding, to poops and sleeping,
All questions received solutions..

I hadn’t ever met you before,
But there was definitely a bond..
I knew you’d be there for me..
That you’d always have my back..

And I felt empowered and strong..
Transformed into a better mother..
It wouldn’t have been possible..
Without you, my dear moms!




  1. I relate to this so much, mommy support groups have helped with my pregnancy so much. It’s nice having people to openly talk to about anything and everything!

  2. I’m only in support groups on Facebook, but I don’t know where I’d be without them. Nice tribute!

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