The Baby vs Solids! Guess who is winning?

The struggle is real. Baby vs Solids is war! Having a fussy eater is really difficult. Here are five points that crossed my mind in the war called “solids”! And in case you were wondering, the baby is winning this battle, but I will win the war *cue evil laughter – followed by frustrated tears on realizing the facts*

1. You thought breastfeeding or formula was tough? Ha!

Have you seen those babies who love to eat, and are ready to eat pretty much everything? The ones who are smiling in the cerelac ads? Yeah! Those. Not all babies are like that. I mean we should know this by now – it has been six months and we ve all been talking to so many moms, and understand that all babies are different, but it still doesn’t prepare you to face the challenges of a picky eater! All those hours sitting with the breast pump (as in my case), or all the nights pent getting up a few times to sterilize and make formula – easy peasy in hindsight.


2. It is a minefield! One wrong move and kaboom!

fussy-babyBabies have preferences. Again, we know this, right? But it is a whole different ball game when your wee one is a picky eater. Babies sometimes like specific textures and tastes and are not willing to explore too much! You are trying out everything under the sun (including chocolate – yeah! I know you are rolling your eyes at me!) and nothing succeeds! You try soft, and crispy and finger foods and purees and realize it really is a maze that you will most probably end up getting lost in. The texture and taste should work, and so should the timing of the meal, and the utensils used, and the background score and the ambience of the room too. Every piece of this highly complicated jigsaw must fit for the achievement of eating a bite to be unlocked.

3. Your cooking? Not so great after all.

c3e05a161e369ca42ff77f41a5582983There you are, with your Masterchef hat, slicing and dicing exotic fruits and vegetables; scouring through recipes from friends and family and the Internet. You create this incredible classic, which btw is super delicious (at least your husband thinks so – probably because he doesn’t have a choice). So proud and thrilled – until the said dish gets presented to the baby and gets a thumbs down – in baby language – a stern shake of the head and absolute refusal to open the mouth. But hey, atleast I have found some yummy recipes!

4. “So, what if?”?

No salt or sugar for babies under one. No shortcuts. Feed family food etc etc etc. The rules, which are obviously made to ensure that bubba is healthy and thrives – no, it’s not made to drive you absolutely one hundred percent nuts especially when people around you are giving you enough advice to drown in. But even when you know you shouldn’t ideally break the rules, you still say “So what if?” What if he likes something sweet? So what if the food is off the floor? So what if its not the healthiest option?” Atleast it is something. right? Right? Riiight

5. Waste Not. Want Not.

Yeah. that. Not happening. One thing is certain as the fact that my boy is a picky eater. Food will be wasted. Either into the bin or into mommy’s tummy. Elaborate meals even. But what to do. You have to try try try try till you succeed.

Oh. The nuclear explosion.

7f09d376ac16131bea1117d4b04154bb_baby-nappy1-diaper-change-clipart_431-634Yeah, this! And I am certain it is the case for all babies who eat solids – not just the picky ones! How is it even possible that such a tiny person have so much poop? And what is he eating that is making the whole house smell? It has a fairly easy solution though. Tie it up in a plastic bag, and then into the garbage bag. Take the garbage bag three km away and dump in the bigger trash pile. And yes, by it, I mean the poopy diaper, not the baby!


There is a silver lining! There is hope! Just this morning, a mommy told me that her child had started eating everything – at age 6! S I guess, the only way to do this to keep trying. And trying. Trying. And trying. And…Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!


  1. Cut a small X in a nipple. Put a couple tablespoons of rice cereal in with the formula. It is a super simple and mess-free way to get them the extra iron they need. Otherwise, solids really can wait a little longer. My youngest almost never ate solids froma spoon. She hated it and I didn’t have time to mess with it! Now she is 2 and a great eater.

    1. He’s not on formula, but I will actually try this tip to get him to eat!
      We have a blood test coming up soon. Hopefully, no iron issues! Fingers crossed.
      Thank you for stopping by mommy.

  2. My son has been on rice cereal for about 2 weeks now and I am still not used to his new poopy smell! LOL I hope he’s not too picky when I start the fruits and veggies!

  3. LOL–my cooking STILL isn’t that great! I remember the struggle of getting the kids to eat back in the early days. Now I have one that I can’t keep full no matter how hard I try, one who eats modestly, and one who is so stinking picky. All that to say, the fussy eater stage could last a while…..

  4. Omg, so funny. Mealtime is 100% a minefield in my house… one wrong food and it is GAME. OVER. ?

  5. Hilarious ?.. my son Ryan is 4 months old and I am already dreading the day we will have to start solid food.. breastfeeding is so easy…

  6. Love your post! Too funny! Age 6… I have to wait until 6?! UGH ! Hahah 🙂

    personally, i roasted most of my baby’s food before making them into a puree and it helped a ton! The food tasted amazing!!

  7. Love it! Our little girl is 8 1/2 and we’re doing baby led weaning. I feel like every day is a new adventure with it. One day something is delicious, the next it’s awful!

  8. I have a picky eater, he’s now 8 and still is. I hope he grows out of it. The two younger ones seem to not want to eat much or at all during meals..unless its hot dogs.. its a struggle..but im sure they go through phases.

  9. The struggle is really real! I agree with you; the only thing that we have to keep doing is to keep trying. My kids are good eaters, on good days, they will eat ANYTHING. But they do undergo phases where they won’t eat things they usually do; and then go back to eating everything again.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  10. “So what if the food is off the floor?” Hahaha I totally freaked out the first time my son ate off the floor. Now, I’m like “eh”. Fun post!

  11. There was a time in the not so distant past when my Daughter would only eatnplain Greek yogurt- hold out momma! And keep trying! You got this!

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