Telling People About the Pregnancy..

Announcing your pregnancy to the world is always an exciting moment, and a lot of thought does go into it. When, where and how are key questions.

I personally would say let it be your and your husband’s cherished secret for the first few weeks of finding out. Once your excitement has set in, let the nearest relatives know, by that I mean both sets of grandparents, and immediate siblings. Best of course is face to face but that isn’t always feasible, so a phone call is the most popular option these days. If you have the picture of your first scan, that is a great way to share the joy with the immediate family.

Ideal Time

As for telling the next set of family and friends, the ideal time is after the first trimester, simply because that is a crucial period, where things may not always go as planned, and so it is better to keep the news to yourself and your family till then.

The timing really is up to you, when it comes to telling everyone else. I personally waited till my last trimester, and opted for Facebook, simply because it is the easiest and fastest way to reach everyone in my circle. I did it after my maternity shoot was over, and I did it with a poem I wrote.

Whatever way you do choose, make sure it is a moment filled with happiness, and blessings.

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