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    The Saga of A Pumping Mom

    The joys of breastfeeding, the woes too! The saga of a pumping mom! It is 4am, and bubs has woken up for his feed. I am exhausted and there is nothing more I would rather do, than cuddle up with my boy (the little one 😉 ), feed him, and go back to sleep. But the tingling nagging voice at the back of my head refuses to shut up, and explains that if I don’t get up and pump, then my baby might not have enough for the next day – even though I had a few packs in the fridge. So with a sigh, and a heave ho, I…

  • New Born

    Nursery vs Nanny

    Nursery vs Nanny. A question that many new parents have to think about. With my return to work coming up quick, I have to look into care for my lil one; I had to look at the options I had and pick what I believe suits us best. I knew I was not going to have family around, so then I have two options – nanny or nursery. After much consideration, I knew nursery was the better option, and my reasoning and thought process is as follows: TRAINING: I find it extremely difficult to hand over the care and wellbeing of my child to a single person who is possibly…