The BSIM Story

She was inspired by a breastfeeding support group she was part of in Ireland. One new mom had an idea to help out other new mommies in her locality in Pune. And one thing led to another and it snowballed. In a very short time, the Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers has exploded into one… Continue reading The BSIM Story

The Importance of Breastfeeding Awareness & Education

Breastfeeding is natural, and more importantly, it provides vital nutrition and nourishment for a newborn. But what many people forget is that it is also extremely difficult and that breastfeeding mothers need all the support they can get.¬†From a lack of education and support to absence of well-equipped nursing rooms and constant judgement from everyone… Continue reading The Importance of Breastfeeding Awareness & Education

Momnesia – Forgetting Everything!

While I was in London, and needed to go to the exchange, I started looking for my passport and couldn’t find it. I knew I had kept it safe, and remembered seeing it in my bag the night before, so I was not worried. But after half an hour of searching everywhere, panic started kicking… Continue reading Momnesia – Forgetting Everything!

The Half Month Mark – The Unsung Hero

The one person who tends to be forgotten during this is the father of the child, the husband, the man who started the whole journey if you know what I mean ;P It annoys me when people say mom and baby are doing well. What about the dad? He is an equal partner in the… Continue reading The Half Month Mark – The Unsung Hero