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    Momtastic – Anahi Brown – Holistic Nourishment!

    The purpose of my blog has been to share my journey as a parent, and to celebrate motherhood! Not just me, but mommies all around me as well! And with that in mind, I am starting a new section called MOMTASTIC ?!  I will be interviewing inspirational mommas who are wearing multiple hats, and managing it all with panache! It is my pleasure to introduce the delightful Anahi Brown, a published author, motivational speaker, joy seeker and Holistic Nutrition enthusiast, and of course a mommy to two boys, Mathew who is three years old, and Michael who is 10months old.She has been in Qatar on and off for 8 years…

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    Breastfeeding – Supply. Supply. Supply.

    One thing that constantly plays on a new mom’s mind is whether she will have enough supply of breast milk. Getting enough milk supply is always a concern for those of us who are breastfeeding. Once the baby has gained birthweight, the primary indication if baby is getting enough milk is the pee count. Babies must pee at least 6 times in a span of 24 hours. Minimum six times over a day. Keep an eye on the weight gain as well. Please download a WHO weight chart, and this will allow you to keep track. The baby should continue on the same line, even if it is second percentile. And…

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    The Half Month Mark – The Unsung Hero

    The one person who tends to be forgotten during this is the father of the child, the husband, the man who started the whole journey if you know what I mean ;P It annoys me when people say mom and baby are doing well. What about the dad? He is an equal partner in the whole journey. And even if he was not in the labour room during the actual delivery process, he does go through a myriad of emotions. Every check up, every scan, the father of the child is as invested as the mom. Here is the thing right: throughout your pregnancy, when the baby is growing and…