Three Months On…

So, just as we cross the three month mark, here is another dedication to our darling son. It really is unbelievable how quickly time goes by eh. Three Months On From the time you opened your eyes, Making our world a paradise, It has been an exhilarating journey Three months on, we survived , we… Continue reading Three Months On…

Welcome, Ayan Kunnummal Rehman

Promises to Keep.. By Yours Truly.. As we hold you and look into your tiny eyes… As you fill us, your Daddy and Umma with sheer awe… Reminding us of our words to you nine months ago… We want to say that we promise you this again… We promise to make you our priority… To… Continue reading Welcome, Ayan Kunnummal Rehman

Our Pregnancy Announcement..

For special moments, and for special people in my life, I sometimes get inspired to express myself with poetry, and what could be bigger or more special than being pregnant? Here is how I announced my pregnancy on Facebook. CIRCLE OF LIFE By Yours Truly They say you live only once… But fail to mention…… Continue reading Our Pregnancy Announcement..