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    Breastfeeding: Pumping 101

    If you are physically with the baby, the best is to feed directly, as it will also keep up your supply. I have a really good nursing cover, and I use that to feed my baby whenever and wherever discreetly. However, when that isn’t an option, for example, if you are going back to work, and you are keen on breastfeeding, you will definitely need to pump. Pumping has really been great for me as it allows me to ensure my baby is solely breastfed. PUMPING 101 – BUYING A BREASTPUMP There is a multitude of breast pumps available in the market, many of which are expensive, and it is quite…

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    Marking the First Month Back at Work

    I have been back at work for a month now! And my bubs has been at nursery for a month now, and I believe both of us are happy and thriving! When I first came back to work at the end of my maternity leave, I thought it would be extremely difficult and heart-rending to do this, but honestly, it hasn’t been bad at all. On that first day, when we were getting ready in the morning. I was getting myself ready and my husband was getting baby ready – that’s our routine – I was fairly stressed out. Too many questions and doubts about if I am doing the…