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    Product Review – Nose Frida

    The Nose-Frida is beyond incredible. I mean, I would sell my soul for this product. Okay, maybe not that much. But this really is an amazing tool to have. We had a normal bulb nasal aspirator and that was not doing anything to get the gunk out of my wee one’s nose. But with the Nose Frida, we were able to clear his nose easily. It is a bit yucky if you think about it, since you are literally sucking the snot out using your mouth. But there is a filter, so you, the parents are safe. It is very easy to use, one end goes at the baby’s nostril,…

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    Breastfeeding: Pumping 101

    If you are physically with the baby, the best is to feed directly, as it will also keep up your supply. I have a really good nursing cover, and I use that to feed my baby whenever and wherever discreetly. However, when that isn’t an option, for example, if you are going back to work, and you are keen on breastfeeding, you will definitely need to pump. Pumping has really been great for me as it allows me to ensure my baby is solely breastfed. PUMPING 101 – BUYING A BREASTPUMP There is a multitude of breast pumps available in the market, many of which are expensive, and it is quite…

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    The Half Month Mark – Feeling Guilty

    For some odd reason, guilt becomes a standard emotion. As a new mom, every decision comes riddled in doubt. From ‘am I dressing him right?’ to ‘is he getting enough food?’, ‘should I let him sleep next to me?’ ‘Is he sleeping too much?’ ‘Eating too much?’ ‘Pooping too much?’, ‘am I doing anything right’? Everything related to the little one comes with its own set of questions and you don’t always have the answers and that’s where the guilt kicks in. Having people – family included – questioning your choices and decisions does not help one bit. It is stressful enough for a new mom to have every decision…