Product Review – Nose Frida

The Nose-Frida is beyond incredible. I mean, I would sell my soul for this product. Okay, maybe not that much. But this really is an amazing tool to have. We had a normal bulb nasal aspirator and that was not doing anything to get the gunk out of my wee one’s nose. But with the… Continue reading Product Review – Nose Frida

Breastfeeding: Pumping 101

If you are physically with the baby, the best is to feed directly, as it will also keep up your supply. I have a really good nursing cover, and I use that to feed my baby whenever and wherever discreetly. However, when that isn’t an option, for example, if you are going back to work, and… Continue reading Breastfeeding: Pumping 101

The Half Month Mark – Feeling Guilty

For some odd reason, guilt becomes a standard emotion. As a new mom, every decision comes riddled in doubt. From ‘am I dressing him right?’ to ‘is he getting enough food?’, ‘should I let him sleep next to me?’ ‘Is he sleeping too much?’ ‘Eating too much?’ ‘Pooping too much?’, ‘am I doing anything right’?… Continue reading The Half Month Mark – Feeling Guilty