An Ode to My Breast Pump..

And just like that, my pumping journey has come to a close. I sold off my breast pump last week, and I think that made it real. It is funny, but I felt emotional giving it away. The only thing I asked was that she use it well, and stay committed in her journey to… Continue reading An Ode to My Breast Pump..

Welcome, Ayan Kunnummal Rehman

Promises to Keep.. By Yours Truly.. As we hold you and look into your tiny eyes… As you fill us, your Daddy and Umma with sheer awe… Reminding us of our words to you nine months ago… We want to say that we promise you this again… We promise to make you our priority… To… Continue reading Welcome, Ayan Kunnummal Rehman

Shopping Time..

In some cultures, and according to some beliefs, many couples choose to wait till the baby is born to do the shopping. A lot of people advised me against shopping as well, but personally, I believe that we should always hope for the best. And the fact there was a lot of things to buy… Continue reading Shopping Time..