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An Ode to My Breast Pump..

And just like that, my pumping journey has come to a close. I sold off my breast pump last week, and I think that made it real. It is funny, but I felt emotional giving it away. The only thing… Continue Reading →

An Ode To Mommy Support Groups..

There I was, terrified. A first time mom, confused and worried. Tons of questions and doubts, And no where to go. And then I found the perfect place, To ask my queries and clear my fears, Where I received not… Continue Reading →

The Mental Miracle called Motherhood!

Last night was a good night; in fact it was a great night! And by great, I mean we only had to wake up about 4 times for feeds, and that was that. No crying, no fussiness, and back to… Continue Reading →

Nursery vs Nanny

Nursery vs Nanny. A question that many new parents have to think about. With my return to work coming up quick, I have to look into care for my lil one; I had to look at the options I had… Continue Reading →

To Work or Not to Work?

“Oh my God! Your baby is so young – just two months old. How can you leave such a wee one and go back to work?” How many of us working mamas have heard this. How many of us have… Continue Reading →

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