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    Abilities of A Mommy

    Far too many times, I have heard of new moms being undermined! Their thoughts being questioned and their parenting ways tossed aside. I don’t understand how anyone can doubt the abilities of a mommy or daddy, for that matter. If you are a first time mother, then everyone and their aunty have pearls of wisdom to share. Because of course, you have no experience but they do and so obviously they know better! Everyone from the baby’s grandparents to various uncles and aunties have “advice”. Some even go to the point of forcefully doing things for the baby – because, well, even though you are the mother, you are new…

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    Stepping Over the Threshold

    And off we go on a new adventure.. New day, new rooms and new beginnings.. New memories to be created.. A new place to call our home.. Saying goodbye is never easy.. Just yesterday, it was our home.. And in just one morning, it is no more.. All that remains is emptiness.. You treated us well for sure.. Thank you for everything you’ve been.. From two we became three.. And now you will belong to a new family.. Our boy had many firsts there.. First step, first word, first food among others.. These walls witnessed our lives for two years.. Kept us safe and comfortable with no fears.. But now…