• Bub's Diary

    Bubba’s Diary – PP Visits Doha

    So! You know what happened recently? My parents friend, Preethi aunty came to visit us in Doha! She stayed with me and played with me for about nine days! It was a pretty fun time being tourists in my own town! So, PP aunty came from Bahrain. And poor thing – she had to travel for nine hours to come see me! How sweet no? We helped get a pre-approved visa from Qatar and then she had to travel via Kuwait since there are no direct flights between Bahrain and Qatar anymore! PP Visits Doha – Welcome! She arrived late evening on Friday, and she tried to steal my mango…

  • Pregnancy

    Doing a Maternity Photoshoot

    NOV 2015 Every pregnant woman looks forward to having a special photoshoot to capture the beautiful time with a baby bump, and I too was excited to have mine. Here are some points you have to keep in mind while doing a maternity photoshoot. Photographer. Picking a photographer you know and trust is key. These are extremely special, and extremely personal and extremely intimate pictures, and you need to be comfortable with the photographer. And for this very reason, my choice was my lifelong friend, Habeed Hameed. My husband and I have known him for ages, and he was the one who covered our wedding and many occasions since. In…