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    Getting the Indian Passport in Qatar

    I am Indian, and so is my husband and that means my son is Indian too. Now that we had the birth certificate, the next big step was to apply for his passport. We downloaded the forms from the Indian Embassy Doha website – http://indianembassyqatar.gov.in/pages/downloadforms.php Application Form for Indian passport – http://indianembassyqatar.gov.in/Embassy%20Forms%20Pdf/EAP%20-%201%20Form.pdf The Data Sheet – http://indianembassyqatar.gov.in/Embassy%20Forms%20Pdf/EAP%20-%201D%20Form.pdf Birth Certificate of Indian Citizen- http://indianembassyqatar.gov.in/Embassy%20Forms%20Pdf/Form%20I.pdf Either you can print it out, and fill in block letters, or fill it out in the PDF format itself. Please note that it is not possible to fill the PDF in certain browsers, so check before you fill. Print out and put father’s and mother’s signatures.…