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    The Process of Getting the Health Card in Qatar..

    For residents of Qatar, healthcare can be fairly cheap, provided they use the government health system – the health centers and the hospitals under the aegis of Hamad Medical Corporation and for this one requires a health card. Every area has a health center, and if you are lucky, that might actually be the one assigned to you, but in most cases, it turns out to be far away. The center is based on the area number according to your electricity bill, and with the recent changes in the country’s health policy, whereby Qataris do no get free care at the pivate hospitals, certain health centers have been reserved for…

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    The baby kicks!

    It is one of the most precious feelings indeed. There is something so wonderful about feeling a lil one move within you.That first baby kick. But sometimes, especially in the initial stages, it can be stressful. Because we don’t know what to expect and because for different women, it can start at different times. I remember I was really upset for a while during the early weeks of my fifth month, because I was unable to feel the kicks. Everyone around me was asking me about how wonderful it is, and telling me how the little one should be kicking a lot by now. Luckily for me, I had regular…