• Bub's Diary,  New Born

    Bub’s Diary – Six Months!

    It’s been six months.. Of holding momma and dada close.. Being covered by kisses and cuddles.. A time of love, laugher and blessings.. It’s been six months.. Of being taken care of by my faves.. Mommy gives milky and dada changes me.. What an amazing team we make! It’s been six months.. Of living in this wonderful world.. Looking around, observing and exploring.. Bright lights, and rainbow colors.. It’s been six months.. Of growing up little by little.. Started, giggling and now cooing.. Rolling over, and someday soon, crawling.. It’s been six months.. Meeting many friends and relatives.. Plane journeys, drives, train and buses too.. Excitement in abundance everyday.. It’s been…

  • Bub's Diary,  New Born

    Bub’s Diary – First Days

    Dear Diary, Today was a tough day. I could not sleep very well last night, and my momma and dada could not sleep well either. And in the morning, after my milky, I dirtied the sheets so momma and dada were late to office as well. I feel bad but what can I do? To tell them when I want to poopie, or am hungry and want, but I can’t. I do try though – in the only way I know – by crying. And momma and dada are awesome because they try and help me in every way. But sometimes they can’t understand what I want, and I don’t…