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    Cold and Flu!

    It really is heartbreaking when bubba gets a phlegmy nose, and cough and not being able to help him much. Babies fall ill very easily because their immune systems are as yet immature, and still in the developing stages. But infant cold and flu is really upsetting! It definitely is! In the last six months, we have one severe experience and at least one more okay experience with this. When we took him to the pediatrician when it was a bad case, she told us that for babies that young, they would prefer not giving any medications, and to let it run its course – only nasal drops. We were…

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    Product Review – Nose Frida

    The Nose-Frida is beyond incredible. I mean, I would sell my soul for this product. Okay, maybe not that much. But this really is an amazing tool to have. We had a normal bulb nasal aspirator and that was not doing anything to get the gunk out of my wee one’s nose. But with the Nose Frida, we were able to clear his nose easily. It is a bit yucky if you think about it, since you are literally sucking the snot out using your mouth. But there is a filter, so you, the parents are safe. It is very easy to use, one end goes at the baby’s nostril,…

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    Be Careful – Freezing & Burning Up

    I was feeling extremely restless one day, well into my third trimester, so decided to have a warm bath to calm my self. So around 10pm, before bed, I step into a nice warm shower but it doesn’t help me feel any better.. But suddenly I felt as if the temperature had dropped, and I started freezing. I kept increasing the temperature of the water, but id did nothing to help me. I started shivering, my teeth clattering. It got to such a bad level that when my husband got me some water to drink, I couldn’t hold the glass properly as my hands were shaking. Husband helped me out…