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    Turning Thirty One!

    Thirty One! I am turning thirty one! Where did all the time go? Really? But hey, thirty is the new twenty, y’all! I am sure there are many of us think that maybe our life should become a movie, cuz of all the ups and downs and in betweens, all the drama and the madness (and there’s been plenty in mine)! But sometimes I think our own stories may be a wee bit far fetched even for fiction. Life eh? But as I turn a year older, and wiser, and smarter and cooler and awesomer and fantabulouser, I thought why not dedicate a post all to meeeee! ME! In case…

  • Bub's Diary

    Happy Birthday Dada! <3

    You were the first one I saw when I arrived, You stayed up nights with momma and me! You burped me and changed me, and hugged me and carried me! Every minute of every day, I know you got my back!   I love our silly giggles, and times spent dancing! All the times we blew bubbles, our bath time rituals, And the books you read to me a million times, The times we counted and sang some rhymes..   From sitting, crawling, walking and my ABCs, You’ve been my teacher guiding me, Mama says ohno! But someday I hope to be like you, Big, and strong, smart, kind and…