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    Our Pregnancy Announcement..

    For special moments, and for special people in my life, I sometimes get inspired to express myself with poetry, and what could be bigger or more special than being pregnant? Here is how I announced my pregnancy on Facebook. CIRCLE OF LIFE By Yours Truly They say you live only once… But fail to mention… There are a million lives… Within one lifetime… From the moment we come crying… And fighting into the world… To the day of goodbye… Pages keep turning… A toddler, a child, a teen and adult… From being fully dependent… To seeking freedom and independence… As we grow up each day… The magic of love blossoms……

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    Telling People About the Pregnancy..

    Announcing your pregnancy to the world is always an exciting moment, and a lot of thought does go into it. When, where and how are key questions. I personally would say let it be your and your husband’s cherished secret for the first few weeks of finding out. Once your excitement has set in, let the nearest relatives know, by that I mean both sets of grandparents, and immediate siblings. Best of course is face to face but that isn’t always feasible, so a phone call is the most popular option these days. If you have the picture of your first scan, that is a great way to share the…