Stepping Over the Threshold

And off we go on a new adventure..
New day, new rooms and new beginnings..
New memories to be created..
A new place to call our home..

Saying goodbye is never easy..
Just yesterday, it was our home..
And in just one morning, it is no more..
All that remains is emptiness..

You treated us well for sure..
Thank you for everything you’ve been..
From two we became three..
And now you will belong to a new family..

Our boy had many firsts there..
First step, first word, first food among others..
These walls witnessed our lives for two years..
Kept us safe and comfortable with no fears..

But now the time has come to go..
For life has something new for us in store..
As we step over the threshold here,
We pray that blessings come our way..

We pack up our lives and move on..
Three trucks worth of stuff..
Hearts full of love and hope!
Here we come to our new home!

Please keep our little family in your prayers as we move are stepping over the threshold of our new home ❀


  1. Very beautifully penned. Yes transition is never that easy. I agree with you and if you are transitioning with Kids its again a task to settle and unsettle from one place to another.

  2. Good luck on the move! -this post is exactly what I’ve imagined myself thinking when it comes time for us to move. this house has had my son’s everything here!

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