Pregnancy – Gaining Weight

All of us are born with an in-built sense of vanity. We want to look good, and each of us have an idea of how we can accentuate how we look in order to give our appearance the best shot.

But when pregnancy starts, our priorities change and a lot of women let themselves go. And the truth is, it usually happened because of misinformation. I know in desi cultures, pregnant women are told, almost forced to eat, eat and eat. And no, not healthy food, but heavy fattening foods. Eating for two they call it.

Food Intake

Which btw, is completely not required. The growing fetus does not require a plate full of rice, and ghee, and mutton. In fact, in the first trimester, you do not need any extra food, all you need to do is that you are eating healthy.

During the second trimester, you need about 300 to 350 calories extra. That is about 2 extra glasses of milk, or a bowl of porridge, an extra portion of rice, or three chappathis.

And in the last trimester, you can go up to 450-500 calories per day additional.

Thing is some studies even say you need only about 100-200 calories extra during your second trimester. The point I am trying to make is that there is absolutely no need to constantly stuff your face.

By the end of the pregnancy, a healthy weight gain is just 10 to 15 kilograms, which is including the 3-4kg of the baby, and the 3-4kg of the amniotic sack and fluid etc.

It also helps to have the smaller meals over the course of the day, rather than big meals thrice. This is to help with the digestion.


And some moms and mom-in-laws also love to dictate how you should not move or do anything during the pregnancy. While it is best to take rest during the first trimester, you can still do some exercise based on your body and what you are used to.

If you have been a dancer working out daily before the pregnancy, you don’t have to switch off completely once you are pregnant. You can do a little bit of it, simply because your body is ready.

However, do no attempt to start a completely new strenuous regimen while you are pregnant. If you are used to a 30-minute workout, do 15 minutes of something a little easier. Do not attempt a 45-minute hardcore workout.

In fact, the continuous exercise also helps you during the delivery. My aerobics instructor used to continue teaching the class while she was visibly preggy, and she said it actually made things easier for her!

So, listen to your body, and eat healthy, because you absolutely do not want to put on too much weight!

All the best!

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