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Parks in Doha

One of the best things about living in Doha is the fact that there are a number of places where the family can hang out! And I don’t mean the malls and indoor play areas, but actual outdoor spaces! If you can find a way to beat the heat, you can definitely have a gala time playing with the kiddies at these many outdoor parks! This is my list of parks in Doha!

Parks in Doha – Sheraton Hotel Park

Now this is one of my favourites to be honest. Come on, what is not to like? A run through fountain for the kiddies, plenty of green space to chill at and even exercise machines – if that is your thing. The park also has a lot of underground parking (paid), and the children’s play area with the swings and slides is pretty neat too! I wish there was some more seating near the playground though, but that is just me being picky! And I hope the eateries open fast! At the moment, there isn’t any real option if you get hungry. Sheraton Hotel Park also plays host to events like the Food Festival which had some amazing fireworks!

Parks in Doha – Souq Waqif Park

Located just next to Souq Waqif, Al Bidda park too offers the run through dountain feature. Perfect way to beat the heat. Plenty of parking! And a small but cozy play area for the kids! Lovely place to take pictures too!

Keep in mind though – there is no cafeteria at the park or in the vicinity.

Parks in Doha – MIA Park

Just by the Corniche, starting with the Museum of Islamic Arts and ending with the Richard Serra ‘7’ sculpture, this is perfect for a long walk, and some cycling for the littles. For those who are interested, there is the trampoline bungee as well as the paddle boats. My pet peeve with the MIA Park is the walking! Yeah, since it is a one way street, it can work up to be a long walk back – esp if you a lazy pants like me. Yeah, I know, you don’t necessarily have to do the entire walk!

Also, don’t forget to enjoy the magnificence of the West Bay – Doha skyline while you are at the MIA Park. And the Park Bazaar which is held every Saturday in the not so warm weather, is pretty awesome. I buy a lot of trinkets and just enjoy the ambience at the bazaars. There really is magic to seeing lots of families hanging around, kicking a ball or flying a kite! Oh, also, I had done part of my maternity shoot here! And well as some beautiful shots for my boy’s first birthday video!

MIA Park also has options to dine with a gorgeous view if you want, so that is awesome!

Parks in Doha – Aspire Park

For me, the most incredible aspect of the Aspire Park is that it is right in the middle of the City. It is such a massive space of green, and it really is beautiful. There are fountains and water features, and play areas. Plenty of sporting areas like football grounds, and cafes and spots to grab a bite too! I really liked the bridge feature as well. Very pretty! Parking is not an issue at all – but do keep in mind the landmarks near the parking. The park is pretty big, so it is easy to get confused! I have also heard that if you reach out to the management, you can even rent spaces in the park for free for birthday parties and such! With a booking you can get four tables, 20 chairs and 30 bottles of water. Call +974 4413-6878 for details. Pretty neat no?

Parks in Doha – Dahl Al Hamam Park

Located just opposite the new Tawar Mall, Dar Al Hamm is a great place to hang out with the family. It does get pretty crowded though on weekends. What I really like about this park is that there is a lot of place for parents/nannies to sit while the kids are enjoying the play areas. There is also a small store as well as cafeteria to get refreshments. Free WIFI too! If I really had to pick, I’d say I wish there was more parking! The park also hosts outdoor movie screenings at times. The most innovative attraction here is the skating area for the young ones who have some extra energy to burn!

Parks in Doha (well, almost) – Al Khor Park

I’ve visited once and I love it! Long drive! More like long long drive! But it is worth it. A family can easily spend a day here. A restaurant, and lots of parking space! YUP! I love a park with parking space. As you enter (QR 5 or so per head), you can see a clear map. There are play grounds, and a place to see peacocks. Another attraction is the animal section – I do believe toddlers will really enjoy seeing the animals including ostriches, goats, and sheep!

Parks in Doha – Barzan Olympic Park

Now this is another park which is a bit of a drive away, but another one I think is absolutely worth it. For me the unique highlight was the sand pit! Clean sand for kiddies to get real messy! And then wash off in the run through fountain. A small well stocked store means you don’t need to stay hungry either. Slides swings and even a cool play area (like the one in the malls)! Me Likey! Parking was not an issue, but then we didn’t go on a weekend.

Parks in Doha – Abu Hamour Family Park

I passed by this and clicked a few images! It was not even open at the time. But it seemed like a cozy comfy neighborhood park with walkways, and kids play areas and seating! Parking is an obvious issue but I don’t necessarily think this is meant for large crowds, and probably is meant for residents of the area.

Special Mention – Katara Cultural Village!

Not quite a park per se, but a great place for the family to hang out. Lots of place to walk, a beach at one end, plenty of great restaurants and parking is not an issue either.

So these are some of the parks in Doha I frequent with my bubba! The cool thing about Doha is that most residential areas have a dedicated park of their own too! What is your fave park and why? Let me know!


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