Packing the Hospital Bag

FEB 2016

As the big day is coming closer, we all need to get ready and pack the all-important hospital bag be prepared to rush to the hospital. Now one question that comes up regularly is what to take to the hospital. Some hospitals provide more than the others, so do we really need all this.

I had a fairly extensive list, and I didn’t take all of it and some of the stuff I did take, I didn’t use.


What I actually Used

But through my experience, I found that apart from the nappies and clothes. I barely used any of the other items for the baby. And ofcourse, the carseat! Safety first.

As for me, I preferred the maternity pads, and disposable underwear which the hospital provided. I was delighted that I had my own clothes and slippers to wear after delivery, and to have a bath using my own toiletries. Hairties are a must! And if you have hair that falls on your face, please do take clips or bobpins. You do not want it falling on your face constantly.

And the little make-up while leaving the hospital did act as a pick-me-up, and the comfy and new clothes felt great too.

I didn’t take pillows and blanket, but I did take a robe. I got lucky as my room had an additional unused bed, and so I had access to extra pillows and blankets.

Even if you wear contact lenses, it might be a pain to change them or clean them, so just carry the eye glasses.

I bought the cool water mist and didn’t take it to the delivery room. I really wish I had though. It would have helped.

The husband had so much running back and forth to do, and we were so relieved he had his most comfy shoes on.

The absolute most important thing on this list is snacks and drinks. Please make sure you carry enough with you.

In case you are wondering – the bendy straws are so that the wifey can drink water or juice. Even if she has to be on her back during the delivery process.

And make sure you have your phone charger with you, you don’t know how many days you will be there for. And these days, we can’t really survive without a phone.

One more thing, pack early. At about 36weeks. ‘cuz you never know when bubs decides to pop!

Good luck!



  1. Hi Dil!
    Thanks for the post. How big was your bag? My husband thinks it’s silly to pack a medium suitcase not a hand luggage but a suitcase.
    Pleaae advise.

    1. Hi Amna,

      Thank you for the comment 🙂
      What I did was I packed the baby stuff – 2 sets or so – including diapers, swaddles and onesies – in the diaper bag.
      And the rest including myself in a large case, mine was a cabin baggage carrier.
      However we had the car just there and had stuff in the car too 😀

      Carry a big bag! go ahead..lots of women carry two!

      All the best

  2. hi Dilraz ! your articles made my life easier as i ll be delivering soon around Feb 🙂 i want to ask for the baby clothes should I buy the heavy ones (like for winter) or just cotton? thank you

    1. Hi mommy! Thank you 🙂

      I would suggest layering and a small blanket.
      If for night please buy a breathable blanket.

      Thing is winter is barely 2 to 3 months here and it ll be a waste. But if you are layering then the baby will be warm too 🙂

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