The Madness of Hormones and Mood Swings..

DEC 2015..

The husband of every pregnant woman will tell you at least one story of the madness of  hormones and mood swings.. Some of them, like my story, quite silly but HEY! it isn’t like we have any control over the hormones and madness that ensues.

So, this happened one Friday in December..Every Friday, we go for a typical Kerala meal. Last week, the hubby told me to call the restaurant and order and I forgot. So by the time he arrived there, they had ran out. So being the caring man he is, he called to check what I wanted and I didn’t answer my phone.

Worried that I’d be hungry, he bought biriyani and rushed back home. I love biriyani (just not from this place). But I started crying when I saw the food asking him how he could do this to me. Not just crying but whimpering like a baby.. You’d think he tried to kill someone I cared about the way I was crying.

After much coaxing, I did eat it, and it was fairly delicious so the whole drama was just that. And now a fun memory. The poor man couldn’t even get angry with me. These are the times that I think I am truly blessed and that my man is simply awesome.

And here are some of the stories that other lovely ladies from the Positive Birth Doha Group.

EPA: “Well I’m not hormonal or anything but this is from last night, after dinner I asked my hubby what did he want tea or coffee, he said tea.. N there I go do the kitchen chores, facebooking, playing with my lil one etc and after an hour or so asked him again what he wants to have and he goes coffee, and I’m like 5mins and straight into kitchen making a coffee ? ( he goes yea I gathered that you wanted a coffee ) haha!”

BA: “When I was pregnant….(also a story got to do with food!!) lol my hubby cooked us dinner (he loves to cook when he has time, and is a great chef) and he likes to watch the food network and try new things and I was so hungry and was waiting for to dig in and for the first time as soon as I took the first spoon I felt ughhhh yuck what was that!! I didn’t want to disappoint him but I was so hungry. I started crying like a baby. He quickly went out to get me pizza and some dessert to cheer me up! And of course every time we remember that day we crack up??”

JKAA: “Once I  started crying like a baby when I was pregnant because my husband took me to Meera Supermarket while I wanted to go to Mega Mart! Very stupid thing to cry for. Blame it on mood swings and hormones?”

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