Happy New Year

A small wish for a happy new year for us all, by yours truly πŸ™‚

As the dawn of 2018 breaks,
I wonder what the future holds..
As we drive through these winding roads of life..
Hoping for a another blessed blissful year..

Will it be full of love and laughter?
Of a few tears and lots of growing up.
Creating a treasure trove of cherished memories..
Hoping for another blessed blissful year.

What a 2017 it has been!
From a tiny step to running around and climbing things
My little sunshine turned one and had a tonne of adventures..
Now, we are hoping for another blessed blissful year..

We learnt to talk and cuddle and laugh..
We came closer as a family..
From travelling and exploring to being with loved ones..
Hoping for another blessed blissful year..

For every blessing, we are thankful.
For every joy, we are grateful.
The best gift though is “Us”
And here is hoping for another blessed blissful year..

A wish not just for us,
But for all of you too..
From me and mine to you and yours..
Hope 2018 makes your dreams come true..
Hope it is a blessed blissful year.

Happy New Year.


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