Happy Birthday Dada! <3

You were the first one I saw when I arrived,

You stayed up nights with momma and me!

You burped me and changed me, and hugged me and carried me!

Every minute of every day, I know you got my back!


I love our silly giggles, and times spent dancing!

All the times we blew bubbles, our bath time rituals,

And the books you read to me a million times,

The times we counted and sang some rhymes..


From sitting, crawling, walking and my ABCs,

You’ve been my teacher guiding me,

Mama says ohno! But someday I hope to be like you,

Big, and strong, smart, kind and wonderful too!


Every moment becomes a valued lesson or cherished memory,

As life races us by, and we get older and a tad wiser..

You teach me to grow up a little each day,

But forever I’ll be your little boy and you my hero..


You and momma make a perfect team,

Even though sometimes you both make me scream!

With both of you by side, I know I am loved!

And our little family will be forever special..


Every day, you make a difference; every day you matter!

And every day, every minute, momma and I love you a little more!

Everyday, we celebrate the time spent with you!

But today it is all about you!

Happy birthday dada!



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