Handling the Unsolicited Advices..

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What is it about brand new parents that makes people all around give constant and non-stop advice? Is there something written on our faces that says,” oh, go right ahead? I don’t know what I would do if I don’t hear a million unsolicited advices a day?”

Luckily, both my family as well as my husband’s family fully understands and respects that we are the parents, and that we make decisions, and if we need help, we’ll ask. But I do get the random advice from a lot of other people though including my house-help!

I have even heard extreme cases of how a mom is not allowed to bathe her own child, because grandma thinks she doesn’t know how to; and I have heard stories of how a mom is pushed to use formula because in their opinion, baby is not gaining enough weight. From the clothes they wear, to the number of times a baby poops, new moms and dads have to go through a minefield of advice.
I have even heard how some moms feel so insecure about making decisions simply cuz everything they want to do is met with skepticism and doubt. If a woman can carry a baby for nine months, then I am pretty certain she can take decisions in the best interest of the baby.

I fail to see how anyone can think that heaping this unwanted advice of new parents can help; if anything, it is only going to scare them more, and frustrate them more. And whoever it may be, grandparents, aunts, or family friends, there is just no one who will want better for the baby than the parents.

Here is how I think you can tackle it without annoying anyone (err…ruffling as few feathers as possible):


That said, sometimes the advice can be useful, and it is extremely important that you VET YOUR SOURCES. If it is a new parents who has children just a little bit older than yours, or someone who works with children on a regular basis, there might be something to what they are saying.

Hang in there mama! and know that you are simply awesome!

Or show them this video:


  1. I have seen new Mums being questioned about feeding times and such. I think ignoring is the best possible way to avoid conflicts. Another thing I noticed is grandparents do not allow new parents to shout or scold your kids. To me that is totally unfair. To instill good habits in kids at a young age may be some sharp tone is required. No one has the right over your child.

  2. Haha the video at the end really made me chuckle. You made some excellent points here – this is definitely something that every parent the world over has had to deal with at some point, and it really helps if you are armed with a few choice (polite!) comebacks!

    Polly xx

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