Getting the Birth Certificate in Qatar..


You can get the baby’s birth certificate at Women’s Hospital, Wakrah Hospital, Al Khor Hospital and Cuban Hospital in Dukhan. Parents can also apply for birth certificates at three private hospitals – Al Ahli, Al Emadi and Doha Clinic.

The best option would be get the birth certificate before you leave the hospital, but sometimes it is not possible. We left over the weekend and hence we had to apply for it at a later date.


Please note that the father has to be the one applying for this, even if the baby is going to be under the mother’s sponsorship.

Documents needed: Take the originals as well as copies of:

When you reach the Women’s Hospital, you will have to turn right at the main reception and you will find the counter to your left, where they will give you the application form.

Please check and cross check the details once you fill, because those will be the details used for all of baby’s official documents.

Usually, they will look at the originals and then take the copies for their record.

It is advisable to get the birth certificate in both English and Arabic in case you are planning to stay in Doha for a while. The document is not bilingual by default, although it may look like since the column names are present (e.g. – the word “name” is written in both English and Arabic).

And ensure that you ask for the official copies as well – each copy will cost QR 20. This will be needed for the RP and passport, so please ensure you get this.

Once you apply, you may get it within the day or sometimes in 2-3 days.

And TADAA! 🙂


  1. Please how do i get to replace my daughter’s birth certificate, we cant find it and we are no longer in Qatar. what are the steps in getting a new one please? Thank you

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