Getting Baby’s RP sorted in Qatar

Armed with the birth certificate and passport, I set out to make him an official resident of Qatar. And just began the task of getting baby’s RP sorted in Qatar.

The easiest way to do this is if you have an efficient PRO who is willing to finish the paperwork. If that is not possible, and the baby is under the husband’s sponsorship, then it is pretty straightforward as well, and can be done at any of the immigration service centers.

As per my understanding, according to the latest immigration policies, if mom and dad have different sponsors, the baby gets put under the mom’s sponsorship.

Background – I am under company sponsorship. My husband is as yet on business visit visa.

Step 1 – DOCUMENTS required for getting Baby’s RP sorted in Qatar

– Birth certificate copy given by Hamad with stamp
– Passport for baby – copies
– Marriage certificate (attested by MoFa) – copies
– NOC Letter from mom’s sponsor in Arabic – original on letterhead. The letter should also state salary amount and designation.
– Education certificates of both dad and mom (attested by MoFa) – my husband’s was not yet attested – copies
– Letter from husband that he has no objection with baby being under mom’s sponsorship – in Arabic
– Bank statement of 6 months for mom – original – with stamp from bank on each page where salary is mentioned
– work contract copy (attested by ministry)
– ID copies for both mom and dad, QID and passport
– Rental agreement attested by Municipality (ours was not attested)
– Kahramaa bill
All non Arabic docs should be translated by a reputed translation agency.

Step 2 – Filling the application form

Go to one of the typing centers and get the application form filled – in Arabic. The typing centers are there next to the Markhiya petrol pump, near the immigration center. Tell them clearly that it is a new born baby, born in Qatar – going to be under the mother’s sponsorship. (to avoid getting the wrong form)

Step 3 – The Gharafa Immigration Center

Go to Gharafa immigration – I am told that if baby will be under mother’s sponsorship, then it can only be done in Gharafa and not the other immigrations (but please cross-check this). You need to go to Gate number 3 (the third door). You do not want to take a token in the wrong place, cuz it is an utter waste of time. Trust me, I know!

Step 4 – Submission

Take the token (gate 3) and submit the documents. The lady at the counter will check everything and then accept it, and tell you it’ll take about 3 days. Please make sure you have as many docs as possible to avoid further trips. You’ll get a receipt with the Visa application number.

Step 5 – Checking on Methrash2

You can follow up on Methrash in the visa section. It will first be ‘Under Review’, then it will be ‘Under Process’, and third it will say ‘Ready to be Printed’.

Step 6 – First Payment

I am not sure if this can be done via Methrash. Didn’t check. I went to Gharafa immigration. You need to go to Gate number 1, show them the receipt you received from gate 3 while submitting, and pay QR 200 by card only – no cash. You will receive another receipt.

Step 7 – Medical Commission visit

You need to go to the medical commission in Abu Hamour, show them the second receipt, and make a payment of QR 100 – by card only. And the step I missed – Go to room number 7 and make sure it has been updated in the system.

Step 8 – Getting the RP card

Back to Gharafa immigration – only after you get the sms from Methrash that the baby has cleared the medical. This time go to gate number 1, and take baby’s passport – original as well as a passport photo in blue background. You will have to pay about QR 500 – by card only, and they will print out the ID card valid for a year.

and TADAA. process is done!!!
I had to do more than six trips to get to the bottom of this. But it is because I ended up at the wrong counter a few times, I had the wrong application form, and I was there before the medical report got updated in the system.

UNDER HUSBAND SPONSORSHIP – Getting Baby’s RP sorted in Qatar

Life is much easier if the wife is under the husband’s sponsorship. Ideally his company PRO should be able to sort it out, but in case you need to do it on your own, this is how to:

DOCUMENTS required:
– Photographs of baby
– Birth certificate copy given by Hamad with stamp
– Passport for baby + copies
– NOC Letter from mom’s sponsor in Arabic – original on letterhead. The letter should also state salary amount and designation.
– ID copies for both mom and dad, QID and passport. Carry original as well.
– Rental agreement attested by Municipality
All non Arabic docs should be translated by a reputed translation agency.

Step 2: Get the application form filled at a typing centre. Explain that baby will be under father’s sponsorship, so that they give you the correct form, and fill and submit it.

Step 3: Go to any of the MoI service centres listed here:

I do think that is it!

ALL THE BEST in getting baby’s RP sorted in Qatar!


  1. good day,
    I have a new born baby last June 12, 2016 from Hamad Hospital I already finished taking birth certificate and passport as well from our embassy. Can you please help me how to process and make RP for our little angel. Base on the information ive read the documents need are birth certificate of baby,marriage certificate,passport and iqama copy of my wife and me,original passport for baby + copy and photo with blue back ground for baby. My wife is under my husband sponsorship just want to ask if NOC from my company is needed or my requirements are all complete for submission? Thank you very much for reply God bless you!
    Can u please email me:

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      It is best to have that NOC from the sponsor, just to be on the safe side.

      It is a pain to keep going up and down otherwise, and may delay the process.

      Please feel free to email me if you need anything more.

      All the best!

  2. Hi,

    May I ask if they have salary bracket/range for mothers who will sponsor their baby’s visa? Thank you.

  3. Hi there
    I’m from Mauritius and i deliver this week we don’t have Mauritian embassy in Qatar it’s quite long procedure to get the baby passport from outside Qatar…
    Is there any possibilities to put tha baby RP in the parents passport….!

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      As far as I know that is not an option.
      Baby needs a passport and then only can get an RP.
      Also, please do keep in mind that there is a fine per day (I believe QR 10) if baby born here doesnt get RP by the 2nd or 3rd month.
      I do think a visit to immigration might help you. Maybe speaking to the captain can mean less fine?
      But a passport is must.

      All the best.

  4. The Bank statement of 6 months for mom with stamp from bank on each page should be with a salary of 10000 or more? I thnk in your case, it was more than 10000. me and my husband are under different company sponsorships. I don’t have a salary above 5000. The delivery is supposed to be in june 2017. Is there anyway to get RP for my newborn baby with me as the sponsor? Please help.

    1. Hi there.

      Thank you for the comment.
      In this case, you need NOC from the company and bank statements for both mom and dad for 6 months. Dads company letter should say they are aware and have no problems and moms letter should say aware and have no probs with baby under your sponsorship.
      With all of these and the remaining documents, approach the captain directly.
      All the best.

  5. Hi can I ask..
    My daughter born last July 23,2016..I
    I applied already a visa for my daughter, I pay 200 for printing the visa..the next step is for medical and then RP.
    We are leaving on 20 December 2016 and not come back here..
    My question, Do I need to apply an RP?

    Thank you

  6. Hi Mommy Dilz,

    A very helpful information. I am just wondering do you have any idea how to apply tourist visa for baby who is 3 months old?
    I am under my husband sponsorship with valid RP and we are planning to bring the baby back to Doha next January 2017 and my husband PRO told us the baby need to have tourist visa as first entry then we will proceed to apply her RP once we arrive in Doha
    My husband PRO is not that efficient as I had some difficulties for my own RP application so I thought it will be good for me to be more well prepare.
    The documents that PRO told us to prepare are:
    1. Birth certificate attested by Qatar embassy and my country embassy (Indonesia)
    2. Marriage certificate (its already attested)
    3. NOC letter in Arabic from my husband company
    4. Education certificates (already attested)
    5. Bank statements 6 months
    6. Qatari ID copy from me and my husband
    7. Passport copy (baby, mother & father)
    8. Rental agreement
    9. Baby passport picture with blue blackground

    Just wondering, do I still miss out anything here?
    It will be great if you email me at

    If I had encounter your blog before then I wouldnt be that miserable during my application process?

    Thank you

    1. If the baby is under three months, then he can get the visa on arrival.
      If not, it is the same process as obtaining any tourist visa.
      So yes, the documents you listed should be fine.
      Get the form filled at any typing center.
      In fact, I believe you can even visit the other immigration centers and not just gharafa.
      All the best

  7. Hi ? there… I have a question. We had done with the baby visa now the next step is going to medical commission units. For baby medical registration clearance but where we need to go…?? To family entrance….?? Or what to do first to pay.. And does it required any document… As we will go tomorrow morning.. Please tell me exactly where to go at first.. Thanks ?

  8. Hello dilraz,
    Its a pleasure reading your sugestions & i belive you are a professional with exact knowledge about diff scenarios.i too facing an issue .please i need info to solve my problem.
    I came to qatar 6 months before on an engineer visa but still im unable to find any wife is working in qatar for the last 6 yrs and the reason i came to qtaar was she was having delivery of our baby and as per rule i believe father must be present in qatar.we applied and received our baby passport .now im getting an offer from ksa and i want to permanently leave wife doesnt wants to leave because of her high salary scale here.we still doesnt has rp of our new i am jobless i cannot provide 6months bank statements for family status.please suggest can my wife take sponsorahip of our baby.still my wife is under her fathers sponship.please reply asap.thanks.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂
      Congratulations on the baby, and the new job offer.
      I am emailing you.

      A woman should legally be under her father’s sponsorship till she is married/has a job. And as long as there is a valid and attested marriage certificate, you are not really required to be around.

      But the problem you will face is not your presence or lack thereof, but the fact that your wife is under her father’s sponsorship.
      A visit to the immigration to talk to the captain might help.

      All the best.
      All the best.

  9. Hi Dilraz,

    When you went to the medical commission with your baby, what procedure/test they had performed? Blood test? and how long did you wait for the result?

    Also, printing and issuance of your baby’s ID is also done the same day you went at the immigration with the original passport & photo?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi there Gloria,


      At the medical commission, there will be no tests.
      You just need to make a payment of QR 100.

      Once that is done, and they update the details in the systems, you can go to immigration to collect the ID.

      All the best!

  10. hi Mommy Dilz!!

    Are the steps same up to date? I’m under my husband’s sponsorship and due to give birth next month.

    TY so much.

  11. hi thanks for such a detail post !!!its a real help.I delivered my baby outside qatar but I guess process remains the thing from where to get employment contract attested,i mentioned some ministry amd same for rental agreement!

    1. Congrats 🙂

      The employment contract needs to be attested by the Ministry – this should be done by your company. Please ask them.

      The rental agreement needs to be attested by your landlord actually. If not then the Ministry is in Al Sadd – near Royal Plaza. You need to pay a certin percentage as well – aagain – should be ideally paid by landlord.

      All the best.

  12. hi one thing more…. birth certificare need to be attested by mofa too??
    anyone who gave birth in canada or we need to get birth cert attested from birth country too.

  13. Hi. As per the new Entry Visa law released by MOI it’s been stated that babies until 6 months (3months earlier) can get on arrival visa. Whether this visa can then be converted to RP under Father’s sponsorship (Mother having RP with Father’s sponsorship). What is the procedure post obtaining on arrival visa and the documents required.

  14. You mentioned your husbands certificate were not attested while you applied for baby’s rp. My husband’s certificates are also not attested by Mofa. In that case how did you proceed with the application.

  15. Hi mommy Dil, please i need your advise, in our case my husband’s salary is 10k but unfortunately he’s handling a driver’s visa so he can’t apply rp sponsorship for our new born, so we are planning to apply under mine, but my salary is only 4250 all in, is it possible to apply my baby’s rp under my sponsorship? please advise.

  16. Hi, My wife is due on december 2018. We are under different sponsorship. Both of our salaries are under 10,000 qar. Is it possible to get RP for our newborn? Thank you in advance.

  17. Hi ,

    My husband works in qatar, our baby is 1yr old now. Any suggestion so that he can get visa for me and my baby? His salary is less than 10k. What are the best option to do?

    Thank you.

  18. Hi thanks a lot for the post. It is really helpful myself and my wife are under different sponsorhip and i have applied for visa on last Thursday and it has been 3 days now still my visa status is “under review”. How much time generally it takes from under review to processing and finally to print. As baby is born here we dont need to take baby for medical

  19. Hi Mommy Dil, i would like to ask if these requirements is up to date? I am due next year February.

    Also, may I ask… do we need 6 months salary bank statement? (for me and my husband)
    And can the house rental contract is not under our names?

    Big thanks for your help! God bless!

    1. As far as I know, this is still correct/
      Yes to 6 m bank statement – of the sponsor of the baby – mom or dad
      and u definitely need a house contract in ur name.

      all the best.

  20. Hello MommyDil,

    My baby is born in qatar and my wife is on family visit visa. I have to apply for family visit for my new born or i can apply RP for her. My salary is under 10k, need your help & Suggestion. Thank you.

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