The Cuban Experience – Part 1 – Before Birth

I have always been a fan of the Cuban from everything I heard and that is where I chose to deliver.

Why I picked the Cuban Hospital:

During my 33rd week, I decided to send the referral to Cuban in preparation for my upcoming labour. I had my doctor give me the letter. The letter stated that I was having a normal pregnancy, expected date of delivery, that I had no problems or issues, and that it was given at the couple’s request for delivery at the Cuban. It needs to be emailed to

I sent it to them with details including my health card number, LMP, DOB, age and other basic details. Most importantly, ensure you put yours as well as your husband’s phone number on it.

I got a call within 24 hours to confirm my appointment, which would happen in three days time.

The Drive

One of the biggest concerns about the Cuban is the distance from Doha. It takes about an hour to hour-fifteen to get to the Cuban from Bin Mahmoud. The thing is once you get past Education City and hit the Dukhan highway; it is peaceful and fairly fast. I found that the long empty roads and the vast sky above had a calming effect on me – especially while I was not the one driving..


Once we reached the hospital, it was easy to finds our way around. It cost QR 50 for the registration. The documents needed were – originals and copies of QID of both husband and wife, attested marriage certificate, and a valid health card. Always make sure that you are carrying some cash simply because that makes it a lot easier.

Pre-Natal Care.

The first time we had an appointment, we were seen at 9.40am for a 9am spot. That is still great, considering the amount of waiting we have to do at most other hospitals. We met with Dr Daritza and I was extremely pleased with her. warm smile and soothing demeanour. She asked a lot of questions to update all the records: family history, my pregnancy history, allergies, medications, experiences etc. They then took my vitals. And she did a physical examination and measured my tummy and checked heart beat with Doppler. There was no ultrasound done. She did look at my US results from Fetomaternal, and seemed fine.

I also had to give blood and urine samples – both which I couldn’t because they need the first urine of the day, and blood needs to be taken while fasting.

I got an appointment for the next appointment in about three weeks, and then collected meds from the pharmacy and left. But before leaving, I made sure I took a tour of the maternity section. It was clean, comfortable, efficient, and welcoming. Also, it was private and cozy, and there was no loud noises or madness in the maternity wing.

My next few appointments and delivery was with Dr Maria Loretto, who is absolutely wonderful. It was pretty much the usual, triage, and checking the bump. Blood and urine samples given every time too. Over the course of the appointments, I also discussed the aspects related to me (and not the baby) with her, and she explained what would be possible, what was not available and promised that she would always explain every step of the way.

My due date came, and excited I went to the hospital and met with Dr Maria. She explained that since labour had not started, we would wait another week and if nothing happened by then, I would be induced.

One concern is the language barrier. But I was not bothered by it. They know what they need to know to communicate effectively with us. After all, it is not like we are discussing the history of the world.

All in all, I was very happy with the care so far. I wonder what the delivery will be like…


  1. This was very helpful, thank you.

    I have my blood test appointment with radiology on the 21st, and then my second appointment on the 29th. I will be 36 weeks pregnant by then. So your husband was allowed in the delivery room with you? And how many nights did you sleep there? Again, was hubby and baby allowed to sleep with you?

    1. Thank you for the comment 🙂

      Yes husband can stay all night for how many ever nights you eemain and yes he can stay in the delivery room full time too..except in the case of a c section.

      I stayed two nights and yes baby with me.

      Alll the best 🙂

    1. Hi there, It was a pleasure chatting with you yesterday 🙂
      The best way to do it is via an agency – sheen Services are great for India/Pakistan and that side.
      Argentum or Vital Certificates is good for UK and around.
      All the best!

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