Cord Blood Banking in Qatar

The umbilical cord is an incredible organ – it is the reason for your baby’s sustenance while they are inside you. From oxygen to “food”, it is the cord that provides everything that your baby needs from the moment he is conceived to the time he is out in the world.

And the magic doesn’t end there.

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting the blood from your newborn baby’s umbilical cord after it has been cut away and preserving it for 20 years or more.

Research has shown that cord blood banking could possibly save the child, and maybe some members of his family, in case of life threatening illnesses and diseases. Cord blood is 100% match for your child, 25% chance of perfect match to siblings and a possibility of matching the parents too!

The options in Qatar are:


A number of people prefer this one simply because it is based in Qatar. As such, it becomes extremely easy to deal with them There are representatives available at Al Ahli Hospital and Hamad Women’s Hospital to help you, and give you any information.

Website –
Contact: Tel: +974 4404 9024

Pricing: Virgin Health Bank charges a one off fee of QR 14,950 for the collection kit, the collection, transportation, testing, processing and 25 years of storage, of which 3,950 is the collection costs which cannot be refunded.

Storage – The storage facility is located at the Qatar Science and Technology Park located in Doha.


Based out of Dubai, this was the option we went for. We preferred this because it allowed us to make payments over a period of time – three months, as opposed to a one time full payment. I must say the team based out of Dubai were absolutely fanatastic, and helped us every step of the way.

You will need to collect the kit from their representative in Qatar, and hand it back to them as well. Apart from that, it is best to deal directly with the Dubai team.

Website –
Contact – Tel: + 971 4 360 4410
Email –


Storage – The sample is divided into two containers and stored below -196°C in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen at two physically separated locations for additional safety (80% Dubai-20% Belgium).


This is a London based company and they have a representative here with the Ali Bin Ali group. The representative will give you the kit, and will be at the hospital to collect it as well.

Website –
For Middle East –
Contact – +974 6 671 9161
Email –

Pricing –

Storage – I am unable to find clear information on this. However, since it is a UK based company, I would think the storage location will be UK and Dubai.

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