Choosing the Right Gyne in Doha..

I have been living in Doha for the past two years, and will be raising my child here for the foreseeable future, Insha Allah, so a lot of my writing and posts will be localized for Doha, as it is based on my experiences. But hopefully, the thought process behind it stays the same no matter where you are.

Choosing a healthcare provider is one of the most important decisions that a pregnant couple will have to make. It isn’t just one or two appointments but a journey of nine months, and one of the most important journeys of life. Trust is a key factor, you should be able to believe fully that every action that this doctor takes will be in the best interest of both you and the baby.

I’d say that you should consider various factors while picking a gyno including whether you want a male or female doctor, distance to the clinic, waiting times, costs and reviews. Especially if you have nausea, you do not want to take a long drive to the clinic, nor do you want to spend hours waiting at the clinic for your turn. Similarly, are you insured or paying from your pocket? If insured, then it is okay, if not, then some places are just too expensive.

For my first appointment, I went to Aster Clinic, the waiting was quite long, and the ultrasound is in a different place, which had a lot of waiting as well, and husband is not allowed to the ultrasound area. Also, the technician didn’t say a word and that is not how you expect your first ultrasound to be. I was not even told that it was my baby’s heart beat I was listening to.

My antenatal care has been at Fetomaternal located in Markhiya with Dr Naseem Rashid. My husband and I loved absolutely loved her. She charges QR 300 per consultation and QR 350 per scan every visit. Waiting time is about 20-40minutes. At the same clinic, consultation with Dr Badr is QR 500. (And goes without saying, Dr Badr is a male :p). It comes down to personal choice, and I just felt more comfortable with a female doctor. Both of these doctors do delivery as well, at Doha Clinic and Ahli respectively.

Dr Qush is another male doctor who comes highly recommended but he charges QR 900 per consultation including scan, with zero waiting time. But if you choose to deliver with him, please note that from what I have heard, there are chances it might become a C-section, although there are people who do swear by him.

Dr Maha at Doha Clinic is one of the most recommended doctors on the Positive Birth Doha Group. But you’ll have to go the clinic at 6am and get a token and wait for a couple of hours atleast. I am not sure of her consultation charges. Many ladies choose to go to her for delivery only after seeing someone else for all other check ups. Out of the hundreds of reviews I have heard, only one has been not quite glowing. Dr Maha is definitely the most pro-natural gyne in Qatar, and she is very supportive of all the wishes of the couple. Dr Aya is the second best option at Doha Clinic.

At Ahli also waiting time is quite long, and they charge QR 500 per consultation. Out of the doctors, Dr Sujatha is a name that has often come with positive reviews.

Someone about whom I have heard only positive reviews so far is Dr Naima Ourhani at Naseem Al Rabeeh premium. The one in Abu Hamour. About 150-200 for consultation and about 10minute waiting. Trained in Sweden.

You also have the option of Hamad Women’s Hospital or Al Wakra, or Al Khor,  if you have a health card, absolutely easy on the pocket. But long waiting times. These are for pre care. And the one thing I absolutely hated was the fact that I had to do all running myself, the one time I was there. From the regustration to the payment to the ultrasound to the payment to the doctor; too many counters and no help if only husband is with you. He ended up waiting outside,


For the delivery itself, there are other things to consider including how pro natural birth they are and costs and privacy. Cuban is a long way off but the only thing you pay is QR 100 per night. And they have had some excellent reviews. They are the only HMC hospital which allows your husband by your side throughout labour, which was my most important criteria and if you are lucky, you might even get a private room. I have heard that doctors and nurses are brilliant.

HMC hospitals (apart from Cuban) charge the same QR 100 per night. But hubby not allowed to be with you and shared rooms only.

With Al Ahli, delivery can cost between QR 20 and 30k  depending on natural or c section. But they ll rush you to Hamad in case if any complications. If you are having a non Ahli doctor consulting, there are extra charges. Good thing is husband can be there and private room after.

With Doha Clinic, I believe delivery is between QR 8-15k. Privacy is there and husband can stay during delivery.

If it is a c section, no husband allowed in at any hospital.

Ha! And you thought selecting a gyne was an easy process.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful write up!Dilraz can you let me know please if u started ur appointments with health center first?what is the procedure to open the file.can I directly go to women’s hospital and get an appointment?or is it a must to start with health centres??thank you and God bless you for this wonderful site mommydil

    1. Hi there.
      I preferred to go private rather than the Hamad system because I wanted my husband at evry step. And hamad hospitals, except Cuban dont allow husbands in. If that is not a concern, then you will need to go to your PHCC first. I am guessing you have your health card? And then they will refer you to Cuban or Wakra or Khor around 8th month.
      Hope this helps 🙂
      All the best and congraats!

  2. Dr. Naseem delivered my boy as well at Doha Clinic. I started my antenatal consultations with Dr. Badr and switched to Dr. Naseem closer to the due date. I was impressed with both of them – very professional yet friendly and warm. But Dr. Naseem will also hold a special place in my hear for bringing my first-born into this world safely, despite all the complications associated with my delivery! She made all the right decisions, taking into account the emotional and physical well being of my son, myself and me hubby!

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