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Pregnancy – Gaining Weight

All of us are born with an in-built sense of vanity. We want to look good, and each of us have an idea of how we can accentuate how we look in order to give our appearance the best shot…. Continue Reading →

Doing a Maternity Photoshoot

NOV 2015 Every pregnant woman looks forward to having a special photoshoot to capture the beautiful time with a baby bump, and I too was excited to have mine. Here are some points you have to keep in mind while… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Toothache Woes!

This is something I really wish I knew more about. That being pregnant can affect your teeth. I was really shocked at the number of hits I got when I was Googling this, after I was in a miserable condition… Continue Reading →

Childbirth Education – A Must

As women, we grow up hearing a lot about pregnancy and childbirth. And when we get pregnant, we can easily drown under an avalanche of well-meaning advices. A lot of which may be true, but a lot can also just… Continue Reading →

The Madness of Hormones and Mood Swings..

DEC 2015.. The husband of every pregnant woman will tell you at least one story of the madness of ┬áhormones and mood swings.. Some of them, like my story, quite silly but HEY! it isn’t like we have any control… Continue Reading →

Our Pregnancy Announcement..

For special moments, and for special people in my life, I sometimes get inspired to express myself with poetry, and what could be bigger or more special than being pregnant? Here is how I announced my pregnancy on Facebook. CIRCLE… Continue Reading →

Shopping Time..

In some cultures, and according to some beliefs, many couples choose to wait till the baby is born to do the shopping. A lot of people advised me against shopping as well, but personally, I believe that we should always… Continue Reading →

The baby kicks!

It is one of the most precious feelings indeed. There is something so wonderful about feeling a lil one move within you.That first baby kick. But sometimes, especially in the initial stages, it can be stressful. Because we don’t know… Continue Reading →

Telling People About the Pregnancy..

Announcing your pregnancy to the world is always an exciting moment, and a lot of thought does go into it. When, where and how are key questions. I personally would say let it be your and your husband’s cherished secret… Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Gyne in Doha..

I have been living in Doha for the past two years, and will be raising my child here for the foreseeable future, Insha Allah, so a lot of my writing and posts will be localized for Doha, as it is… Continue Reading →

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