Fathers Don’t Babysit, they parent!

You know what pisses me off? When people suggest that a woman becomes a mother from the moment the fetus is inside her, but a father becomes a father only after the birth of the child!  It absolutely infuriates me! I don’t usually comment on current affairs in my blog, but this one issue is… Continue reading Fathers Don’t Babysit, they parent!

The Cuban Experience – Part 2 – The Birth

 The Big Day I was meant to be induced on 24 February 2016, but luckily (errr…) for me the pains started the night before. We had gone out for a walk in the evening when the pains started – at around 9.30pm. I didn’t realize these were contractions, because they were on my lower back… Continue reading The Cuban Experience – Part 2 – The Birth

The Cuban Experience – Part 1 – Before Birth

I have always been a fan of the Cuban from everything I heard and that is where I chose to deliver. Why I picked the Cuban Hospital: The fact that it is part of HMC was a huge deal. Even if you are in a private hospital, and you have a high-risk situation, you get… Continue reading The Cuban Experience – Part 1 – Before Birth

Ramblings of a Ready-To-Pop

FEB 17 2016 My due date is Feb 18 2016. Anyway, when I found out I was pregnant nine months ago, I didn’t really know much. Being a first time mom, like many of us on this group, I too was clueless. My husband is an absolute star, but that didn’t mean we had any… Continue reading Ramblings of a Ready-To-Pop

Apps – Pregnancy Time

In this day and age, technology lies within our hands and our mobiles have made life so much easier. There are apps to make every process easily accessible and simpler.And it isn’t far behind when it comes to women’s health and pregnancy care either. Here are my fave apps – pregnancy time. And I love… Continue reading Apps – Pregnancy Time

Organizing an Amazing Baby Shower!

JAN 2016 Pregnancy is a time for celebration, and to share the joy with friends and family. And a baby shower is a perfect way to mark this special time in your life. Ours was a double whammy because it was my birthday as well in January. First thing I did was to design the… Continue reading Organizing an Amazing Baby Shower!

Packing the Hospital Bag

FEB 2016 As the big day is coming closer, we all need to get ready and pack the all-important hospital bag be prepared to rush to the hospital. Now one question that comes up regularly is what to take to the hospital. Some hospitals provide more than the others, so do we really need all… Continue reading Packing the Hospital Bag

Be Careful – Freezing & Burning Up

I was feeling extremely restless one day, well into my third trimester, so decided to have a warm bath to calm my self. So around 10pm, before bed, I step into a nice warm shower but it doesn’t help me feel any better.. But suddenly I felt as if the temperature had dropped, and I… Continue reading Be Careful – Freezing & Burning Up

Writing your Birth Plan..

Every woman deserves to have a positive birth experience, and writing a birth plan and a partner who will fight your corner can really make an impact. A Birth plan tells your healthcare provider your terms, and how you want your birth experience to be like. Where I come from, a birth plan is unheard of.… Continue reading Writing your Birth Plan..

The Process of Getting the Health Card in Qatar..

For residents of Qatar, healthcare can be fairly cheap, provided they use the government health system – the health centers and the hospitals under the aegis of Hamad Medical Corporation and for this one requires a health card. Every area has a health center, and if you are lucky, that might actually be the one… Continue reading The Process of Getting the Health Card in Qatar..