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    Sarah’s Story – Being a Special Needs Mom

    When you are on as many mom groups as I am, you frequently come across posts that are deep, and profound, and heart warming. Posts that linger with you for days after you first read it. That was my first encounter with who would soon become a friend: Sarah Obeydul Haq. Her post was written when her first-born Ahmed turned four years old. It chronicled her journey of being a special needs mom, of how her son is autistic, and how they coped when they found out, and a quick summary of the last four years. But it was peppered with jokes and a unique way of story telling that will have…

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    Turning Thirty One!

    Thirty One! I am turning thirty one! Where did all the time go? Really? But hey, thirty is the new twenty, y’all! I am sure there are many of us think that maybe our life should become a movie, cuz of all the ups and downs and in betweens, all the drama and the madness (and there’s been plenty in mine)! But sometimes I think our own stories may be a wee bit far fetched even for fiction. Life eh? But as I turn a year older, and wiser, and smarter and cooler and awesomer and fantabulouser, I thought why not dedicate a post all to meeeee! ME! In case…

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    An Ode to My Breast Pump..

    And just like that, my pumping journey has come to a close. I sold off my breast pump last week, and I think that made it real. It is funny, but I felt emotional giving it away. The only thing I asked was that she use it well, and stay committed in her journey to breastfeed. Pumping! Sigh. Yay I don’t have to do it anymore, but yeah, closing a chapter is always bittersweet. This is my tribute! (Am I loony or what?). An Ode to My Breast Pump All those long nights I stayed awake, Your buzzing my only company when everyone slept. Giving me reason and strength To…