Breastfeeding 101

I am fairly sick and tired of women being undermined, and being told they cannot breastfeed due to whatever reasons. I fail to understand why some people feel compelled to tell a woman that they should supplement with formula, rather than supporting her breastfeeding journey. A breastfeeding mom needs all the support in the world.… Continue reading Breastfeeding 101

To Work or Not to Work?

“Oh my God! Your baby is so young – just two months old. How can you leave such a wee one and go back to work?” Haven’t we all – working mamas – heard this. How many of us have had to deal with this question from relatives, friends, or even the house-help? All of… Continue reading To Work or Not to Work?

The Half Month Mark – Breastfeeding

Of course I knew that this was not going to be easy but little did I fathom how bloody difficult it actually was going to be. I mean come on!! As mammals, as mothers, this should come naturally to me, right? Wrong! Absolutely wrong. At the hospital, I did have skin to skin, and he… Continue reading The Half Month Mark – Breastfeeding

The Cuban Experience – Part 2 – The Birth

 The Big Day I was meant to be induced on 24 February 2016, but luckily (errr…) for me the pains started the night before. We had gone out for a walk in the evening when the pains started – at around 9.30pm. I didn’t realize these were contractions, because they were on my lower back… Continue reading The Cuban Experience – Part 2 – The Birth

The Cuban Experience – Part 1 – Before Birth

I have always been a fan of the Cuban from everything I heard and that is where I chose to deliver. Why I picked the Cuban Hospital: The fact that it is part of HMC was a huge deal. Even if you are in a private hospital, and you have a high-risk situation, you get… Continue reading The Cuban Experience – Part 1 – Before Birth

The Process of Getting the Health Card in Qatar..

For residents of Qatar, healthcare can be fairly cheap, provided they use the government health system – the health centers and the hospitals under the aegis of Hamad Medical Corporation and for this one requires a health card. Every area has a health center, and if you are lucky, that might actually be the one… Continue reading The Process of Getting the Health Card in Qatar..

Pregnancy – Gaining Weight

All of us are born with an in-built sense of vanity. We want to look good, and each of us have an idea of how we can accentuate how we look in order to give our appearance the best shot. But when pregnancy starts, our priorities change and a lot of women let themselves go.… Continue reading Pregnancy – Gaining Weight

Childbirth Education – A Must

As women, we grow up hearing a lot about pregnancy and childbirth. And when we get pregnant, we can easily drown under an avalanche of well-meaning advices. A lot of which may be true, but a lot can also just be old wives tales. And caring for yourself, and for a newborn is an evolutionary… Continue reading Childbirth Education – A Must