• Let's Talk Breast Feeding,  New Born,  Well Being

    Breastfeeding 101

    I am fairly sick and tired of women being undermined, and being told they cannot breastfeed due to whatever reasons. I fail to understand why some people feel compelled to tell a woman that they should supplement with formula, rather than supporting her breastfeeding journey. A breastfeeding mom needs all the support in the world. A breastfeeding mom is fragile, and is constantly worried whether she will be able to have enough, or if she will fail miserably and let her baby suffer in the process. What she needs is reassurance and to be told that she is doing the right thing. But there are some things that a new…

  • Let's Talk Breast Feeding,  New Born

    The Half Month Mark – Breastfeeding

    Of course I knew that this was not going to be easy but little did I fathom how bloody difficult it actually was going to be. I mean come on!! As mammals, as mothers, this should come naturally to me, right? Wrong! Absolutely wrong. At the hospital, I did have skin to skin, and he did have a drink within the first 40minutes he was born. So that was A GOOD START. But during the time I was in the hospital, I did need help from the nurses to have him LATCH. But I pegged that down to exhaustion – after all, I had just had a baby. But even after…