Parks in Doha

One of the best things about living in Doha is the fact that there are a number of places where the family can hang out! And I don’t mean the malls and indoor play areas, but actual outdoor spaces! If you can find a way to beat the heat, you can definitely have a gala… Continue reading Parks in Doha

Transferring Sponsorship From Employer to Husband in Doha

With a job change just around the corner, the man and I decided that we would do it – we would be moving my sponsorship as well as my son’s would move from to be under dad – my husband. So we looked into the process of transferring sponsorship from employer to husband in Doha,… Continue reading Transferring Sponsorship From Employer to Husband in Doha

Pediatricians in Doha..

Every family needs a good pediatrician! One that they can trust, and count on. One that both the parents and the wee ones are comfortable with. And initially, I was under the impression that there was only one or two recommended doctors. But I am glad I was wrong! Here are some of the more… Continue reading Pediatricians in Doha..

Baby Rooms in Doha

When you start going out with an infant, one question that constantly nags you is what would you if you had to change his diaper, or even worse, if it a poopy explosion and you need to change his clothes too (hopefully not yours as well). Baby rooms in Doha! Tadaa! The solution to all… Continue reading Baby Rooms in Doha

Cord Blood Banking in Qatar

The umbilical cord is an incredible organ – it is the reason for your baby’s sustenance while they are inside you. From oxygen to “food”, it is the cord that provides everything that your baby needs from the moment he is conceived to the time he is out in the world. And the magic doesn’t… Continue reading Cord Blood Banking in Qatar