Happy Birthday Dada! <3

You were the first one I saw when I arrived, You stayed up nights with momma and me! You burped me and changed me, and hugged me and carried me! Every minute of every day, I know you got my back!   I love our silly giggles, and times spent dancing! All the times we… Continue reading Happy Birthday Dada! <3

Bubba’s Diary – PP Visits Doha

So! You know what happened recently? My parents friend, Preethi aunty came to visit us in Doha! She stayed with me and played with me for about nine days! It was a pretty fun time being tourists in my own town! So, PP aunty came from Bahrain. And poor thing – she had to travel… Continue reading Bubba’s Diary – PP Visits Doha

Bubba’s Diary – Outstanding Oman!

You guys know by now that my parents love dragging me here, there and everywhere no? Just when I think things are quiet and we are settling down, they go off on another adventure and drag me with them! Mind you, I am not complaining! It is fun I must admit. And our latest escapade… Continue reading Bubba’s Diary – Outstanding Oman!

Bubs Diary – the year that was!

Dear Diary, Can I be the odd one out and say I loved 2016? I know many people want this year to end. So Do I. But I did love 2016. After all I was born this year! So I declare 2016 to be the year of awesomeness. In January this year, I absolutely did… Continue reading Bubs Diary – the year that was!

Bub’s Diary – India Bound..

Dear Diary, Wooohooo. It was time for another trip. And this time it is to the country which my parents call the motherland – India. I have only heard people talk about it, so I was very excited to go! And obviously, knowing my mom and dad, I knew for sure it would be a… Continue reading Bub’s Diary – India Bound..

Bub’s Diary – Six Months!

It’s been six months.. Of holding momma and dada close.. Being covered by kisses and cuddles.. A time of love, laugher and blessings.. It’s been six months.. Of being taken care of by my faves.. Mommy gives milky and dada changes me.. What an amazing team we make! It’s been six months.. Of living in this… Continue reading Bub’s Diary – Six Months!

Bub’s Diary – Trips and Travels..

Dear Diary, Even before I turned five month old, I had been to four countries: Qatar, where I was born, Bahrain, my mommy’s home, and UK to visit aunts and uncles! And yes I saw the Abu Dhabi airport too! Pretty cool eh! I think I love this whole travelling business, because I go with… Continue reading Bub’s Diary – Trips and Travels..

Bub’s Diary – First Days

Dear Diary, Today was a tough day. I could not sleep very well last night, and my momma and dada could not sleep well either. And in the morning, after my milky, I dirtied the sheets so momma and dada were late to office as well. I feel bad but what can I do? To… Continue reading Bub’s Diary – First Days