Screen Time – Our Top Picks

As we all know, no screen time at all is the ideal for little ones. But also as most families know, this is a bit impossible these days unless you throw your TV out the window and keep your mobiles, tablets and computers on lock down. But the telly isn’t really as evil as it… Continue reading Screen Time – Our Top Picks

Starting Solids 101

Starting solids and getting baby to eat solids is a maddening journey for most! It is nerve-wracking because you have no idea if the baby will accept the food, if the food is providing the maximum nutrition and more importantly, would there be any reactions and what to do! In this post, I try to… Continue reading Starting Solids 101

Parks in Doha

One of the best things about living in Doha is the fact that there are a number of places where the family can hang out! And I don’t mean the malls and indoor play areas, but actual outdoor spaces! If you can find a way to beat the heat, you can definitely have a gala… Continue reading Parks in Doha