Bubs Diary – the year that was!

Dear Diary,

Can I be the odd one out and say I loved 2016? I know many people want this year to end. So Do I. But I did love 2016. After all I was born this year! So I declare 2016 to be the year of awesomeness.

In January this year, I absolutely did not even imagine that I would be evicted from my home so quickly – I thought I had a few months. No no, I was not premature. In fact I was over due. By end of February, I was brought out! I fought to stay in, mind you! After all, my home was warm, and cozy, nestled inside my mommykins. But I was not allowed to.

They pulled me out on 24 February 2016. It took about 10minutes. But for some odd reason, my mom always goes on about how she “labored” for 22 hours, and that too apparently I came a week later than when they expected me. I say I was just fashionably late. I do not believe all that she saying but hey – atleast it was a labor of love!

Straight into March and getting to know each other – and enjoying being with dada and momma! The highlight was my 40th day function – which was done a week in advance – cuz my gramma was leaving. That was pretty cool! I got my first suit – total dude I was! And my first cake – which I didn’t get to taste at all btw. And my uncles and aunts and great uncles and aunts and family and friends came around! And I got so many presents! I was so excited till I realized most of it was gold. Errrrr…why would baby boys get gold? But I forgave them cuz they got me plenty of clothes and toys too. I am a simple baby, with simple needs!

OOOOOOO yes, March was also the month I got my passport! Super cool it was. Mommy had to take about 40pictures before she got the right one. Imagine this – me at one month on one side and my mommy, aunt and uncle on the other. They tried to make me the hulk and put some green ink on my thumb. Finger printing or something they said. It was war. They won in the end but it was a well fought battle!

 Then came April! Whirlwind of a month it was. Mommy had lots of running around to do to get my Residence Permit – which I got even before my dada did! Coll, no? Yes it is. It was also the time for my very first international flight. We went to mommy’s home – Bahrain. Very short flight, which I slept through despite my mommy licking me. Yeah. Don’t ask. Bahrain was good fun – part from the fact that they shaved my head. hmpf. We got lots of pictures, and lots of presents. So many people came to see me and tell me what a cutie I am.

That was the good. Now for the bad: jabs! I had to get “vaccinated”. Imagine that – two injections on my tiny thighs. How cruel can adults be? Made my mommy cry too – I think she cried more than me…errrr…. Why? I had to then pretend to be fine to make momma calm again. Sometimes I wonder who is the adult here!

May meant big changes too! I went to “nursery” because my mommy had to go back to office. Poor lady, she cried when she dropped me off but I think she was secretly thrilled to be going back to work. As for me, I thought it was pretty awesome. Nursery was good. I love my Ms Eman, and Ms Clang, and Ms Jenny and Ms Charishma – they take such wonderful care of me – and all the other kids! I could finally chill with people closer to my age. And do things on my own time. Drink my milky, play, listen to nursery rhymes and stories, and just relax. I love getting up in the morning, getting ready and going to nursery.

Lazy easy June it was. Did nothing much really. Some doctors appointments. Some lazing around, and plenty of playtime with my dada dearest and my favorite – milky time! I wore a thobe for the first for my first Garangao – it was also my first Ramadan – and no, I did not fast this year. I even got my first report card! And sadly, had to have two more injections. Goodness knows how many I’ll have to endure. Ugh.

July was sensational! It was my very first Eid, and we spent it in London. My first visit to Europe, the first of many I am certain. Big Ben, London Eye, Madame Tussuads, Harrods – w.h.o.a. But the more fun part was meeting my cousin and my uncles and aunts – and of course, all the presents and fun and games. The long haul flights were not too cool. But it was all worth it. July ended on a high note with my first trip to the pool!

 And then came August. And I started to roll over! And I got my very own play area in the house. Little did my parents realize I was taking over the house. Oh, and I had yet another photoshoot too! In August, I turned half a year! Six months! Woot Woot! We had a little cake and everything!

And in September, it was time to visit another country – and this time we took off to India. Pretty hectic trip. But you know I love traveling no? Bangalore to Calicut to Malappuram to Thikkodi to Bekal to Managalore to Bangalore and back. Phew! And hanging out with my aunties and uncles and grandma! I am their favoritemost you see! And met aunties and uncles on my mommy’s side too! Bekal was fab! We went swimming almost everyday, and I walked (my mommy helped) on the beach too. Presents presents and more presents and not even one mosquito bit. Good month? Definitely!

September was also a dreaded month because that meant I had to start solids! First it was water, and then my first food was carrot puree. It was alright. For some reason, momma and dad were super excited about it! But I’d rather just have my milky. Milky so tasty and easy. I really hoped it was a one off, but they keep feeding me all these things!


My dada turned older and wiser and cooler in October. Not that he was not super cool before that. I can sit up on my own now and I also sat on a high chair at the restaurant for the first time. I also got promoted to the big boy tub without the hammock. And because it was a boring month, I had a scary allergy rash – just to freak out dada and momma! Other than that – it was the same ol’ same ol’. A visit from my grandparents from Bahrain, constant war with solids – which I am winning btw, and just being the munchkin that I am.

November November, so many milestones and all that! I started crawling, and I got my first toothy, and I learnt to stand. I also started babbling a lot. It was a big month indeed! Now I can bite mommy and then crawl away! Not that I would do that – but you know, I can if I want to.

And finally, the last month of the year – December. ‘Tis the season to be merry. My zone was set up – with my new play pen. Now mommy and dada have no space in the hall. And it was time for another trip to Bahrain – to surprise my grandparents! And to see fireworks for Bahrain National Day! I was more interested in whooshing cars though. My flight back from Bahrain was the 12th take off of my life! I also celebrated Qatar National Day at the nursery and wore a maroon and white kurta pyjama. I also met Santa Claus – who didn’t really give me presents this year..hmmmm. And we have a nice dinner planned to close the year that was!


Wonder what joys and excitement 2017 will bring!

Have a wonderful new year,



  1. Enjoyed reading the post. I agree with the fact..mom cries more than the baby on the 2nd month jabs. It gets better with the rest though.

    Wishing you guys a great 2017.

  2. hey Dil… just loved what you are treasuring every memory of your lil one..i write those in notepads..Hope kids will enjoy it reading when they grow up 🙂

  3. This was absolutly adorable … I truly felt as if I was talking with him about his year. Cute and funny, just all around great!

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