Product Review – Aerosleep AeroMoov Air Layer – From JustKidding

Hot weather is part and parcel of living in GCC. And I have found that the most problem area when we have a baby is keeping him cool in the car seat.

While we bought our car before he was born, we ensured that there were ACs at the back. And even then, it just seems like every time we take him out of the car seat, his back is drenched in sweat! And there just seemed o way out.

I kept hunting for something that will help, and the answer was found at the newly opened JustKidding store, at the Gate Mall in West Bay. It is also available at Ten Little Toes on Salwa Road.

The Aerosleep AeroMoov Air Layer! It is a sheet made of mesh like material that goes onto the car seat, and helps in keeping bubba cool.

According to the JustKidding website, The AeroSleep Aeromoov Air Layer guarantees optimum air circulation through an air permeable 3D honeycomb structure.

And on the Aeromoov website, it says: “The AeroMoov Air Layer prevents your child from sweating in the buggy, maxi-cosi or car seat. The special layer keeps your baby fresh and dry and ensures that excursions and travelling during hot weather are carefree, both for you and your child!”

We have been using it for over two weeks now and see a considerable difference. For QR129, it definitely is a worthwhile investment, especially in this part of the world.

Shopping Experience

I must also add that it was a very nice shopping experience. Ofcourse I had heard about the store and was looking forward to checking it out, and well, the recommendations are well deserved! The staff members were warm, and welcoming, and very accommodating. They were extremely helpful, and even helped sort out the seat belts in my boy’s car seat, even though we had not bought it from them.

The store also had a great collection of car seats, and strollers, and high chairs. I particularly liked their collection of weaning items – from bibs, to Beaba Cook, to bowls and sippy cups. They even had the elusive Snot sucker (not the Nose Frida brand though), and a wide variety of grobags and toys.

They also had some brands that are not easily founds anywhere else in Doha. I must admit that the prices are not the cheapest you will find. They even had a high chair which was priced at over 4000QR! :O

But I will be back for more!

PS – This is not a sponsored post, although I wish it were! HA!


  • Karishma KP

    thanks for the post..very helpful…truly in this hot climate, a much needed necessity

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